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NBA 2k23 College Flashback Rewards ! Complete Details


NBA 2k23 College Flashback Rewards: NBA 2K23 is out with a boom, and it includes a slew of additional features and Chocolate eggs. The MyTeam and Developing and advanced modes have received several new upgrades, making the game more entertaining. In the MyCareer feature, players may choose certain eras to begin their careers. Non-basketball games also are available to take part in, all of which contribute to total game advancement.

The NBA 2K23 College Flashback game in MyCareer mode is nothing more than a reenactment of the player’s debut year in the league. Gamers can choose to play the game, with the consequences perceived by the players.

NBA 2k23 College Flashback Rewards
NBA 2k23 College Flashback Rewards

How to Unlock NBA 2K23 College Flashback Game?

As players go through their MyPlayer progression, they must also accomplish a variety of non-basketball objectives and activities to advance in the game. The college flashback play is essentially a quest that includes a memory for the player’s chosen to build.

Several preliminary difficulties must be fulfilled before the university flashback quest can be activated. All of these tasks are simple to accomplish and require players to go to different spots within The City.

These tasks must be fulfilled first before the college flashback game may be unlocked:

  1. ‘Uncle Bobby’s World’ mission
  2. ‘Courting Calloway’ mission
  3. The mission ‘It’s a Cole World’
  4. The quest ‘Palace Intrigue’

When the Palace Intrigue mission is finished, the College Flashback mission is unlocked. Completing the flashback quest will allow gamers to gain various College Leadership talents, which will help them advance in the game. The “Palace Intrigue” mission contains an interview that requires gamers to travel to One City Plaza.

How to Earn Nine Additional Badge Awards in NBA 2K23

There are two highly crucial questlines that give nine extra Badge improvements once accomplished in Current-Gen players’ adventures in NBA 2K23 MyCareer.

Quests provide a chance for Next Gen players to earn four extra Badge points.

The Badges are placed on top of the build’s initial overall potential and may be equipped immediately without the need for any more grinding. Here’s how to acquire nine more Badges in NBA 2K23 MyCareer for Present Gen.

Explained: NBA 2K23 College Flashbacks

The College Flashbacks storyline in the main plot is the first set of tasks that players must achieve.

Essentially, there are five Flashback Games wherein MP reminisces on his collegiate basketball career, allowing gamers to relive those moments while earning an additional Badge point for each event. The length of the five games varies:

Second Half of Game 1 (from ten points down)

  1. Game 2: Complete Game
  2. Game 3: in OT
  3. Game 4: Complete Game
  4. Game 5: Complete Game

To progress to the following round, they must win each one. If you do lose, then would have to play again.

The quickest method to trigger those Flashback Matches is to play until you’ve become an NBA starter, then simulate your NBA games until the end of January. At this moment, a pop-up will emerge informing you that you now have the option to play them.

This finally narrows down the kind of Badges that players will obtain at random after the game.

A Motivator reaction awards a Defence and Security or Playmaking Badge, but a Trailblazer response awards a Shooting or Finish Badge.

It’s also worth mentioning that in order to unlock the subsequent Flashback Game, it may be necessary to play 1-3 Basketball games. After completing all of the tasks, players will still have earned a total of five extra Badges.

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