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How to Get Free x Suit in BGMI Suit Since the Unban


Free x Suit in BGMI: Battlegrounds Mobile India, abbreviated BGMI, has been performing well since it was unbanned by the government of India a few days ago.

With dozens of gamers returning to the game as they had months before. In the midst of the excitement around its return, Krafton-operated BGMI has published its first x-suit in the game, the Stygian Liege X-suit, since the ban on BGMI was removed.

BGMI is known for bringing amazing outfits, and X-Suit is one of the greatest sorts of costumes in the game, with many exciting elements such as emote, outfit, teammate interaction, triumph broadcast, and much more. This post will walk you through the whole process of obtaining the Stygian Liege X-Suit in BGMI.

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Free x Suit in BGMI
Free x Suit in BGMI

The Stygian Liege X-Suit is an upgradable outfit with 7 levels per star that may be unlock using Starforge Stone or Star Fragments. When creating a draw, select one item at random from a prize pool. For each draw, you will gain 1 Luck. When a player reaches 5 Luck, the next draw will done from the reward pool that was pre-determine.

How to get X-suit in the game:

The Stygian Liege X-suit is the latest addition to BGMI’s already impressive collection of X-suits, which includes the Avalanche X-suit, Blood Raven X-suit, and Poseidon X-suit. The Stygian Liege resembles fantasy-based body armour, with spiky protrusions all over the body. The helmet continues this theme, and the face looks to be paint white, giving the complete ensemble a magical but gloomy appearance.

The X-suit will be available for purchase through the conventional means, namely by investing in a fortunate draw. A player can sketch 5 times for free using silver obtained for free in the game. Following then, all drawings need UC, which can only be obtain by in-app purchases with real-world money.

Furthermore, even if you spend in the game, your chances of obtaining the Stygian Liege are not guarantee, as the acquisition is solely determine on chance. If the X-suit is not draw, alternative prizes of lesser value, such as time-limit clothes, permanent outfits, or emotes, will be award.

Most of the time, one must be please with these unless they are really lucky or have the resources to spend a lot of money in the game to obtain the X-suit. Tencent debuted the Stygian Liege X-suit in PUBG Mobile long before BGMI, and those who have seen it can remark that it is absolutely worth the hype with its distinctive animations and polished, well-designed aesthetic. This is also a brilliant business tactic by BGMI authorities to start the game’s revenue intake with a touted outfit right away.

How to Get Stygian Liege X-Suit In BGMI for Free?

Try Silver: At first, we have 5 free spins with silver, which costs 300 silver coins every spin, so you’ll need 1500 silver coins to make a total of 5 spins without UC. If you’re lucky, bigger goodies may become available in the silver spin. Request a Gift: If your buddy has attempted to unlock the X-Suit and has acquired 1000 Stygian Coin, they can give you the Stygian Liege X-Suit for free, and you can claim it.

Navigate to Reward Redemption. Use Stygian Coin: We usually acquire Stygian Coins when we spin, and if you have 100 Stygian Coins but no X-Suit, you may use them to redeem X-Suit for coins from the reward redemption section. You may buy emotes, helmets, pan skins, and other items in addition to the X-Suit.

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