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How to Fix Fortnite Ranked Not Working Problem


Fortnite Ranked Not Working: By introducing a Ranked mode, Fortnite joined the ranks of other battle royales such as Apex Legends and Warzone. Players, on the other hand, are already ditching ranked in favour of regular encounters.

It’s become standard practise for battle royale games to have rated game types. In May, Respawn revamped Apex Legends Ranked by enhancing matching and removing splits. Warzone 2 debuted its own competitive game mode the same month.

Giving gamers something to play for and strive for is an excellent method to encourage greater playing. However, this does not imply that it is applicable to all games. Despite the addition of Ranked Play, the number of Warzone 2 players has decreased. As if things weren’t terrible enough, some players are having trouble even getting into a match, with queue lengths for certain Ranked matchups exceeding an hour.

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Fortnite Ranked Not Working
Fortnite Ranked Not Working

There are various apparent reasons for this, the major one being how new Fortnite Ranked is. Aside from those that sweat Fortnite 24 hours a day, not a lot of people have made it to the top levels in comparison to the normal mode player numbers. In general, this causes some sluggish matching in the Diamond, Elite, and above levels.

How to Fix Fortnite Ranked Not Working:

The primary issue with Fortnite Ranked at the moment is a lack of people reaching the upper stages. As the Ranked season develops, more players will enter those levels and populate the appropriate matchups.

However, if you find yourself stuck in Ranked queues for an hour or more, the best course of action is to restart the matchmaking search. Matchmaking shouldn’t take this long in a game with a robust playerbase like Fortnite unless there’s a bug or a problem at work.

When it came to the Ranked queue, players turned to Reddit to vent their frustration. “Platinum 2 is basically the end of ranked,” one user stated. At that point, getting into a game becomes very tough.” With time, getting into Ranked matches should become a more seamless process, one that does not pit Platinum 3 players against Unreal.

CouRage claimed that having the mode on a single server would be beneficial, however his notion was received with opposition. Players complained that playing with high ping versus users from other locations would be unpleasant. Some people also claimed that constructing would be practically difficult with a bad server connection. However, the streamer was not alone in his troubles.

A second participant wrote, “Stopped playing because it takes too long to get matches.” “I’ve been struggling to get into games for about a week now,” Fortnite streamer FaZe Replays said. Replays feels the excessive backlog times are a bug and has asked the developers to look into it.

Why can’t i play ranked solo Fortnite?

Fortnite Ranked Battle Royale and Zero Build are now available! The problem is that Zero Build fans can only play ranked mode in the duos playlist. That means you can’t play alone, with a trio, or with a squad of four. We have adjusted matching so that players at higher Ranks are more closely partnered with opponents at comparable Ranks.

Queue times may be somewhat longer as a result of this change, but we expect it to result in better matching. What exactly is this? The temporary Fortnite “waiting in queue” message you’re seeing might be due to a huge number of users trying to log into Fortnite at the same moment. Ranked Mode in Fortnite has been accessible since May 17, 2023.

They were added to the game with patch 24.40, which was released on the same day. To play Ranked Matches in Fortnite, go to the Discover tab and choose the playlist. When Epic Games introduces a new Fortnite season, all players are reset to level 1 and must level up again. Account Levels, on the other hand, never reset and accrue across numerous seasons.

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