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NBA 2k23 Cheat Engine: How to Use it?


NBA 2k23 Cheat Engine: For individuals who want to employ cheat codes and commands while playing NBA 2K23, a trainer is now accessible for download. You can download this free trainer and utilize a variety of cheats to modify skill points, unlock all the skills, grant endless stamina, and other things. There are numerous possibilities that you could explore.

I personally don’t believe in utilizing cheats, hackers, or trainers when playing video games, especially sports games. However, many players enjoy trying new things and seeing how the game plays out with limitless alternatives. In all honesty, this is a personal choice, and everyone is free to play NBA 2K23 however they choose.

NBA 2k23 Cheat Engine

NBA 2K23 Trainer (Cheats):

There are about 13 cheats to choose from, and you can apply them by installing this free NBA 2K23 trainer / Cheat Engine from Fling. You can download the trainer from the download link below and is only available for the PC platform.

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As long as you play the game in offline mode, you shouldn’t have any issues. Keep in mind that your account can get banned for cheating if you use this trainer online with friends. So, be extremely careful of the mode that you play.

NBA 2K23 Trainer (Cheats)

Here are all the cheats you can activate from the trainer including their respective key binds:

Hotkey Command
Ctrl+Num 1 All Scores Count Toward Player (1)
Ctrl+Num 2 Infinite Stamina
Ctrl+Num 3 No Fatigue (2)
Ctrl+Num 4  Empty Opponents Stamina
Ctrl+Num 5  Freeze Timer
Ctrl+Num 6  End Current Quarter
Ctrl+Num 7 Freeze Shot Clock
Ctrl+Num 8 Instant Shot Clock Violation
Ctrl+Num 9 MyGM: Edit Skill Points
Ctrl+Num 0 MyGM: Unlock All Skills
Ctrl+Num . MyGM: Infinite Exp (3)
F1 MyGM: Exp Multiplier
F2 Game Speed
  • (1) – Whenever a score is made, it will count toward the player you’re currently controlling. Note it won’t work if you’re not controlling any player.
  • (2) – When activated, max stamina won’t decrease.
  • (3) – Takes effect when you gain exp.

Here’s how you can get the trailer up and running on your computer:

  • Download the trainer from the link mentioned above
  • After doing so, open the .EXE file
  • Now, open NBA 2K23
  • After doing so, you should be able to use any of the cheats that are mentioned on the trainer.

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Can I Get Banned for Using This NBA 2K23 Trainer?

No, using the NBA 2K23 trainer won’t get you banned. Simply make sure that the game is being played offline. Cheats and trainers are made to make it easier for you to complete a challenging task or quest, but they must never be used when playing the game online or in co-op / multiplayer mode.

Yes, using and using this NBA 2K23 trainer to play the game is totally free. Expect it to not work on consoles like the PlayStation, Xbox, etc. as it only supports the Windows PC platform.


Launch the trainer after downloading it, then start the game. When you hit a hotkey to launch a command, you should hear a ringing sound. If you were successful in downloading and using the trainer, let us know in the comments section below. Visit our Trainers section for other game cheats and tools, and browse the NBA 2K23 section for further how-to articles and useful hints.

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