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High Wizard Magic Crasher Build Guide Ragnarok Origin


Magic Crasher Build Ragnarok Origin: Magic Crasher uses your MATK and ATK together with 8 SP to deal one target a physical attack based on the element of your weapon. Similar to a typical physical attack, the damage caused depends on a number of factors, including the caster’s accuracy, the target’s defense, the size of the monster, and the monster cards in the caster’s weapon.

Even though it has nothing to do with staves, this skill on iRO is known as Stave Crasher.
A complete construction guide covering all you need to know to advance through the Mage career tree includes this Ragnarok Mobile Wizard Guide.

Magic Crasher Build Ragnarok Origin
High Wizard Magic Crasher Build Ragnarok Origin

Second, on the Mage tree is the job of the Wizard. Your Job grade will be reset once you switch to Wizard. Prior to switching to High Wizard, you must now advance your job level one more to 40.

Level 40 Rewards Magic Crasher Build Ragnarok Origin

Use the straightforward approach outlined in the Wizard Guide. Provide Int with all of the points. You can choose to use 40 Skill points in total as a Wizard. The following skill distributions are suggested:

Take Heaven’s Drive Level 1 only. It takes a lot of SP to cast this spell, which can be spammed. As the cost of SP rises, avoid higher levels. Only receive Storm Gust at Level 1. In Endless Tower and Rifts, it’s mostly employed for its crowd control (freeze) ability. Casting time grows as levels rise.

Later, Orlean’s Server and Orlean’s Gloves will take the place of the Statue of Judging and one of your Int Earrings. Don’t forget to raise your base level’s weapon and accessory enhancements. Weapon and accessory refinement to +4 (safe). Please feel free to simply purchase the Int Earrings and Staunch Shoes from the exchange.

Pets Unlocked Magic Crasher Build Ragnarok

For the time being, a basic Lunatic pet will suffice (grants Refine M.Atk). Later on, you can get an Isis pet to reduce your casting time or a Sohee pet to regenerate more SP.

Wizard leveling is a pretty simple process. There are three noteworthy creatures. Prior to Metaller and Dustiness, there were Hornets. As a Wizard, cultivating these two enemies will help you level up quickly. As for the setup.

Go to the Mjolnir Mountains site mentioned above. To eliminate numerous hornets simultaneously, use Heaven’s Drive at Level 1.

Level 52 Gifts Magic Crasher Build Ragnarok Origin

Put the Adventure Skill Play Dead in your Auto Skill slot. It will aid in your character’s SP recovery. For Heaven’s Drive, avoid utilizing Energy Coat to conserve SP. Soul Drain is a function of Magic Crasher. Utilize it to support your SP throughout Heaven’s Drive.

Consume 1-Star prepared dishes and warm/hot meals to replenish your SP storage/discharge reserves. Less reliance on Play Dead is preferable (More Advice for Increasing SP Regen).

Either Metaller and Dustiness can be found in Prontera North (see above – area indicated in red). Upon reaching level 45, you can switch to Metaller. One only needs Magic Crasher this time. Players may additionally utilize Energy Coat for a little extra damage since it uses a lot less SP than Heaven’s Drive. You should aim to hit the Metaller/Dustiness with your Wizard Crasher 1-2 times. If you’re having problems, feel free to spend more time on the simpler monster (Hornets/Metaller).

Magic Crasher Build Ragnarok Gold Rewards

A lot of Gold Medals and Participation points are required for Meteor Storm, so guild donations are crucial for the High Wizard. It is a complete marathon.
The same is true of Friendship Proof when discussing the long term. Leave your weekly Endless Tower that runs behind after reaching Level 52.

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