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Ragnarok Origin Hunter Trapper build Guide Tips and More


Ragnarok Origin Hunter Trapper build Guide| Tips and Guide: In Ragnarok Origins, hunters are crafty fighters skilled in using ranged weapons, surprise attacks, setting traps, and even handling combat animals.

These extremely adaptable warriors are a subclass of Archers, and depending on how their skills are built, they can become experts in either of those specialties. We’ll focus on a trap-specialist Hunter because we think he’s one of the best in Ragnarok Origin right now because you can’t learn all the talents at once. Join us and discover how to create a formidable Hunter for yourself.

DEX and INT are primarily used by trap hunters. You can decide to base your numbers on those two qualities, however we suggest investing all of your points in INT. You will receive a lot of SP, SP regen, and extra damage if your INT is high.

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Ragnarok Origin Hunter Trapper build Guide| Tips and Guide
Ragnarok Origin Hunter Trapper build Guide| Tips and Guide

This is the best course of action because you will be depending on laying traps, which costs SP. Also, some of your skills from the skill tree will have multipliers based on both DEX and INT at the same time, so even if you omit the DEX and put all of your points in INT, you will still be OK and receive your bonus multiplier as expected.

Archer Skills:

Owl’s Eye (10th level): You receive a 10 DEX permanent bonus from this passive skill. You also acquire more damage because that is one of your main stats. The power of the vulture will forever give you an extra 10 range thanks to Vulture’s Eye (level 10).

The level 10 ability Arrow Shower fires a terrifying hail of arrows at the enemy that deal 300% damage + 100 Neural Physical Damage. Before using this skill, it is best to draw a group of adversaries to your location.

Level 1 of the passive talent “Falconry Mastery” enables you to summon a falcon to battle by your side continuously. Even if you don’t go for further crow upgrades, it is definitely worth getting this passive skill since it just costs one skill point. One other excellent skill that you can get for just one skill point is detecting (level 1).

You can use it to send your falcon on a scouting mission to find hidden enemies. Naturally, Falcon Mastery is necessary. Another excellent passive, Beast Bane (level 10) increases your damage output by 10% versus all other monsters and 20% against Insect and Brute monsters.

Claymore Trap:

(Level 5) One of the main components of this build is a trap with Fire Magic Damage. Utilize the trap as your main weapon to eliminate opponents. It damages you similarly to other traps dependent on your character’s overall level, DEX, and INT stats.

One of these traps lasts for 100 seconds, and you can only have three of them active at once. Land Mine (level 5): An Earth Magic Damage trap that calculates its final damage based on your character’s level, DEX, and INT. The trap lasts 40 seconds, has a 3-max cap, and can shock creatures that tread on it.

The Blast Mine and Sandman Shock traps are the final two traps that were left out of this setup. If your strategy calls for it, you can substitute the Wind Magic Damage type Blast Mine or the Neutral type Sandman Shock trap for one of the other traps we recommended in your design. But, since the Claymore trap is a great damage dealer and the foundation of this setup, we advise retaining it at all times.

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