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Ragnarok Origin Elemental Arrows – How to Get


Ragnarok Origin Elemental Arrows: A number of sub-classes are available for use in the video game Ragnarok Origins. Each class possesses its unique benefits and talents.

Ragnarok Origin Elemental Arrows
Ragnarok Origin Elemental Arrows

After successfully completing the game’s level 10, you can select from each class. You will initially receive the explorer class if you haven’t yet reached level 10 in the game. Once you have reached level 10, you should familiarise yourself with each Ragnarok Origin Classes before selecting one.

Ragnarok Origin Elemental Arrows

In Ragnarok, talking to an NPC in Payon will allow you to create elemental arrows. It’s a fantastic method to swiftly resell unwanted converters for cash!

Depending just on the mobs you harvest, you can eventually find yourself having a lot more converters than you need. What can you, therefore, do with them? You could certainly sell it on the market. But it could take some time…

By turning them to Elemental Arrows first, you may swiftly dump them to an NPC. But, you won’t get as much money as you would if you sold on the exchange. Let’s examine the amount of zeny you actually receive.

Go to Payon first. Both two NPCs Juncos & Ironfeather are present. Each one of them turns Elemental Adapters into Elemental Arrows. Elemental Converters are equivalent to 1,000 Elemental Arrows. Compared to Ironfeather, Juncos can give 10,000 arrows at a time.

You can get 1,000 Zeny by converting Converters into arrows. That’s a huge change, to be sure! Then why would you make arrows out of them?

Selling thousands of converters, such as the 3,000 Zeny ones, will take some time because of their enormous supply and little demand. However bear in mind that if a fix or event is released that changes the supply/demand of certain things, this might alter. Therefore use caution while selling your extra converters.

Ragnarok Origin Craft Elemental Arrows

By chatting to an NPC in Payon, you may make elemental arrows in Ragnarok. It’s a fantastic method to fast recoup your investment by selling unneeded converters!

You could eventually find yourself with a tonne of additional converters, depending just on the mobs you farm. So, how can you use them? You might sell them just on an exchange, I suppose. But, it can take some time.

By first turning them into Elemental Arrows, you may easily transfer them to an NPC. But, doing so will result in a lower payout than if you were to sell on the exchange. Let’s examine how very much Zeny you really receive.

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