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Ragnarok Origin Global Monk Stat Build Guide


Ragnarok Origin Monk Stat Build: Ragnarok Origin (ROO) adds a new feature that allows players to summon and train pets to help them on their journey.

These pets are Midgard creatures that may be summoned using a gacha-style system. We will cover all you need to know about pet summoning, training, and advancement in Ragnarok Origin in this tutorial.

To summon a pet, users must first Access the Pet menu through the right Navigational button in the upper right area of the Screen. To summon a pet, you’ll Need a Pet Coupon and a Super Pet Coupon. The Pet Coupon may be used for regular Summons. While the Super Pet Coupon can only be used for Legendary Summons. More pet coupons are available at our mentioned Redeem Code.

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ragnarok origin monk stat build
ragnarok origin monk stat build

Pets in Ragnarok Origin contribute to your overall Divine Power points, and their stats are just for them – save for pet skill (more on this later). Each pet has distinct comprehensive stats that demonstrate their battle ability. Players may train their pets using Spirit Dew to improve their stats such as STR, AGI, VIT, and INT.

To get the most out of pet training, match your pet’s numbers with their detailed stats to maximise its fighting effectiveness. While training stats is a completely random process, players should concentrate on the numbers that directly impact their pet’s detailed stats to avoid wasting their time.

Ragnarok Origin Global Monk Stat Build

You know you’re dealing with a damage-focused tank class when you play the Knight Lord Knight path, so we propose upping that damage and picking a Dunell companion that can improve your AoE damage capabilities. He possesses a powerful AoE fire magic skill called Elemental Breath that can greatly aid you in farming.

This spell also reduces the target’s attack and movement speed, making it useful as a disable for certain of the more powerful foes whose strikes you must avoid. When you use the Crusader Paladin evolution path, you create a tank that can take a lot of damage. The Lord of Earth is the ideal Pet to help you withstand lengthy periods of intense onslaught on your team.

His ability Super Gravity Field allows him to taunt adjacent adversaries, who are subsequently draw to him and have their movement speed slow. At the same time, the Earth Lord grants 60% damage reduction for 5 seconds, allowing you to become more defensive in the face of enemies.

Ragnarok Origin Global Best Pet for Acolytes

You’ll need a pet that scales well with physical damage attackers when utilising the Hunter Sniper build. The best choice here is Baphomet Jr., who possesses Physical damage as one of his normal qualities and Sonic Blow as a special talent.

Sonic Blow can cause 900% Neutral Physical damage to a single target with 8 combination attacks and has a chance to immobilise them as well. Its low 10-second CD and cost of only 10 SP place it in an excellent position to complement Hunter Sniper builds. These two classes are so close in Bard Minstrel and Dancer Diva that they may get the most out of the same Pet.

Because these classes centre around assaulting and enhancing/saving teammates in various ways, we thought the Pig King would be a good pet to have. It has a special talent called Awakening that allows it to dive, absorb a lot of damage, and then become invincible for 3 seconds and recover with 40% HP after a deadly strike.

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