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Bot Ragnarok Origin V1.0.3 Anthem Pump Union Coin – How To Earn


Bot Ragnarok Origin V1.0.3 Anthem Pump Union Coin: Botting has never been simpler thanks to Ragnarok Origin Global’s fantastic Auto system and abundance of features. To get the most of it, though, you’ll need a little insider information and a few tips. Let’s get started with the greatest advice to maximise every minute considering you can only maintain bot farm skills for 150 minutes each day (on an everyday basis).

Check your level and the level of the target monster before releasing levelling bots in a farm area. The “Benefit” mechanism in Ragnarok Origin Global modifies your EXP and Drop Rate in accordance with the disparity in level between you and the monsters. Monsters that are no more than ten levels above you can give you an additional reward of up to 110% EXP and Drop Rate.

Bot Ragnarok Origin V1.0.3 Anthem Pump Union Coin
Bot Ragnarok Origin V1.0.3 Anthem Pump Union Coin

Bot Ragnarok Origin Union Coin

If the farm isn’t functioning, stay away from monsters five levels or more below you; otherwise, your EXP and Fall Rate will drop below 100%. Once you’ve chosen a monster to farm, look for areas where they tend to congregate in groups of three. If you play a skill with single-target skills, farming these clusters will hasten your development. Additionally, it assists in limiting your agricultural area, keeping you within the realm of other monsters and preventing attacks.

Chasing down creatures one by one might be dangerous for single-target individuals who require group abilities. In Ragnarok Origin Global, it’s possible for your character to stray and come under attack by other monsters. Fortunately, you can tell the bot to remain in place. “Auto Attack” is the segment where there are two choices for Auto Mode: Partial Auto, which causes your character to remain motionless and only attack surrounding enemies, and Auto-Battle, which causes your character to move and attack within a predetermined region.

Bot Ragnarok Origin V1.0.3 Update

The talents you see on your Talent page and under the active hotkey are different from those utilised by bots, however, you might still be perplexed like the author was. Select the talents under Auto Attack > Settings to configure them for Auto Attack.

When utilising bots, take into account the settings for the potions you use when your HP is low. Set the HP and SP bottle use percentage, then select the Automatic Recovery Device.

In Ragnarok Origin Global, keep in mind that using a potion triggers a 3-second cooldown. Setting a low pace could result in your character dying before the cooldown if your concoction isn’t powerful enough. According to the potency of your potion, adjust the value to conserve resources and succeed.

 V1.0.3 Bot Ragnarok Origin Pump Union Coin

If you’re an extremely high-damage user looking to improve your odds of surviving during bot farming, change to a healing pet. While high-damage talents enable you to dispatch foes quickly, they also have longer cooldown times. In Ragnarok Origin Global, a healing pet might help you survive longer if you can’t utilise potions rapidly.

Make the most of every minute since you only have 150 each day to spend bot cultivating in Ragnarok Origin Global, as was previously indicated. Consume food to optimise power buffs, and while farming, use Battle Candy to increase EXP and item drop rates. Take full advantage of your everyday agricultural time!

If you’ve played Ragnarok Origin. You are probably familiar with the elements. Varieties, and sizes of monsters. But this tip does require some understanding of Ragnarok Origin Global. The class, weapons, and talents of your character are affected by these variables. For instance, snipers with knives excel against more small monsters, while knights with spears inflict more damage against more large monsters. Monsters with weak basic attack abilities should be the focus of mages. You can farm more productively by utilising these advantages.

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