Ragnarok Origin Lord Knight Tank Best Build

Ragnarok Origin Lord Knight Tank Best Build: The Ragnarok Online series gave rise to the mobile MMORPG Ragnarok Origin.

With branching character classes, a wide range of skills, and play styles to suit everyone, this adorable free-to-play anime game offers more complexity than its exterior might suggest.

Classes are based on typical fantasy archetypes, with Knight and Crusader classes quickly arising from the Swordsman class. So, if you want to follow the path of chivalry, you might be wondering what the best Ragnarok Origin knight build is.

Ragnarok Origin Lord Knight Tank Best Build
Ragnarok Origin Lord Knight Tank Best Build

The optimal Ragnarok Origin Knight build will depend on your gameplay style and game objectives, but it will probably fall into one of two categories: tank builds or pierce builds. Which of these two builds you choose will depend on whether you want to focus on damage output (grinding) or protection (tank).

In Ragnarok Origin, choosing the proper skills and equip are arguably just as crucial as choosing a suitable pet for your character. These adorable tiny helpers will help you by improving your talents or providing the ones you need. A wise pet pick can significantly increase your character’s contribution to the group and enhance the results of your skills.

With the appropriate pet, healers will be able to heal and defend more, while wizards will have more opportunities to cast spells due to shorter casting times and cooldowns, etc. Learn which pet is best for each class in our article, along with why.

Ragnarok Origin Lord Knight Tank Best Build:

The Knight tank build in Ragnarok Origin will enable you to defend your guildmates and companions. The majority of your stat points will be allocated to Vitality, and you’ll continue to use the standard one-handed sword and shield combination. By doing this, you can increase your chance of survival and focus on distracting enemies from your less-tough DPS teammates.

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Dexterity should be at least 10 or higher, so increase it as you go. Beyond that, you can decide whether to increase your Strength stat to help with damage or to strengthen your defence even more by increasing your Intelligence stat to help with Magic Defence.

Maximise Endure, Bash, and Fatal Blow for Swordsman abilities. In order to tempt targets to attack you, provoke is also crucial to your function. As such, invest some points in it (though not needed to the maximum level right away). Both Sword Mastery and Provoke are desirable skills, so raise them both roughly at the same time.

As soon as you unlock Knight skills, maximise Sturdy Strike because it lowers the amount of damage you absorb. Increase its effect by maximising Iron Will (when your health is low, you’ll get a shield). Additionally, you should invest in Lion Roar, which aids in attracting mobs and is additionally boosted by Iron Will. Although it only has one point, Charge Attack is significant.

Best Pierce Knight build for Ragnarok Origin:

The Grinding Knight build can cause the most destruction if your primary goals when playing are to level up independently and tank as many enemies as you can. It is advisable to choose the spear choice in this case to activate the Brandish Spear talent.

You must Maximise your Strength in order to Get the most out of this Build in terms of Damage Output. Additionally, make sure to Increase Dexterity to at least 10 or Higher and Invest any Extra points in Vitality as Necessary.

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