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BGMI Anti Cheat Status Today – Banwave Status Check Now


BGMI Anti Cheat Status Today: BGMI is the Indian version of PUBG Mobile. After banning the PUBG Mobile in India, Krafton decides to enter India with the newer version of the game. The game runs over the Indian server of the PUBG Mobile version. . It is a Battle Royale game popular with Indian players.

BGMI is currently one of the top-grossing games in India. But recently many cheaters of the game are being noticed very often. & Players got frustrated about that. Krafton developers also noticed the current scenarios & going to make decisions.

What is BGMI Anti Cheat Status?

Krafton developers, who are formerly providing updates of BGMI, have announced some notice for cheaters. They are currently going to the active Ban-Pan system for the cheaters. But there are some problems regarding active the system.

PUBG Mobile has a Ban-Pan system for those who try to modify the files or try to cheat the game using unauthorized files. The Ban-Pan system detects that the player using any 3rd party file. Then the system restricts entering them into the game with those files. Thus the number of hackers/cheaters is very less.

BGMI Anti Cheat Status?

Krafton developers also trying to bring this Ban-Pan to the BGMI. Nowadays people just easily access the cheat files & try to play the game in unethical ways. This is bad. Normal legit players facing issues to play games fairly. So they are getting frustrating day by day.

Many people seeing this as a business model. They sell hacks & cheats for the game on Youtube or via some illegal websites. They also influence people to try it. Thus more & more people getting access to that & the numbers of cheaters increasing daily.

Solution OF BGMI Anti Cheat

With recent updates, BGMI announced that they are going to fix this issue very soon. They already give notice in-game. They will ban players who have been-

  • Used cheat earlier but not now, will be banned.
  • Using cheat right now will be banned
  • Pushing rank with a cheater as a teammate will be banned.
  • Any youtube or telegram channel providing cheats will be considered for serious legal actions.
  • Any suspicious activities will be recording for further investigation.
BGMI Anti Cheat Status Today
BGMI Anti Cheat Status Today

So these are some things that you should be aware of if you or your friend using cheats or pushing rank with the help of a cheater.

But if you’re not using cheats or never used, you’re good to go. Enjoy fair gameplay.

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