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Ragnarok Origin Assassin Cross Dagger Katar Build


Ragnarok Origin Assassin Katar dagger Build: Ragnarok Origin Assassin Katar Build: Double Assault by an Assassin Katar has a typical assault character build (click and wait). It combines Katar with either the Sidewinder Card or the Snake Head Headband.

Katar can now double-attack as a result. Using Katar, this build has a high ASPD. Due to the good hit rate of this build, we can use Grimtooth for leveling.

Ragnarok Origin Assassin Cross Katar Build
Ragnarok Origin Assassin Cross Katar Build

Ragnarok Origin Assassin Katar Build

An assassin with the Katar build will prioritize critical hits and utilize largely auto attacks without taking up a lot of SP.

Since human beings are treated as medium-sized targets by Katar weapons, they are more successful in PvP.

You can perform an Assassin’s job in a more proficient manner after becoming a Thief.

Assassins excel in PvP due to their Invisible talent, which enables them to flee from their foes and suddenly do a large amount of damage to their victim.

Assassin Cross is a transcend second job for an assassin, and Guillotine Cross is a transcendent third job.

Pros & Cons: Katar Build

The staple build for assassins is Katar. Building a catastrophic assassin makes sense because assassins have a twice critical rate while using Katar. There are two different kinds of crit builds: equip crit and natural crit, which both employ luk for crit & damage modifications for weapons (uses Triple Critical Jur). Here are this build’s benefits and drawbacks:


  • Very high critical rate and great aspd by Katar Weapons.
  • Extremely effective on some maps, including Turtle Dungeon and High Orcs.
  • Nat-Crit Assassins have excellent DPS and can easily defeat several extremely difficult mobs, such as Wanderer and Abysmal Knights.
  • Nat-Crit is rarely played. Seeing such large numbers and a high crit rate, your pals will be really startled.


  • For Equip-Crit Assassins, three Soldier Skeleton decks are needed.
  • If Rogues Treasure is not available on your server, Nat-Crit Assassin isn’t really worth it.
  • For crit assassins to perform at their best, endow/elemental Katars are necessary.
  • Nat-Crit Assassin needs a lot of cards, which could take some time given that nobody hunts them. (Cruiser, Goblin-Archer, and Dullahan)

With Sidewinder, Katar Build


  • Double-Attack from Katar with high aspd.
  • very welcoming to newcomers.
  • Assassins are one of the greatest classes to farm the Sidewinder card because it is so simple to obtain.
  • Extremely pleasant because card farming is not a concern.


  • Its DPS is capped, despite the fact that racial decks and Ele-Katars can enhance damage.
  • Competes poorly against Dual-Dagger Assassins and High-Geared Nat Crit.

Stats Build

Level 99: Assassin Double Attack Katar Build

Str (83), Agi (90), Vit (40), Int (1, Dex), and Luk (20) Everybody’s regular build is this. Atk for Luk. Agi 90 increases your aspd to 186. You can level up with Grimtooth (a great approach when you’re 90 or older). With this build, you get strong DPS and simple gameplay.

Skills Build

Thief Talent

10: Improved, Double Attack, Dodge, 8 Hiding, 10 Envenom, 10 Detoxify, and 8 Steal.

Assassin aptitude

Mastery 10 Katar, Cloaking 3
Grimtooth 5, Enchant Poison 10, and Sonic Blow 10

Weapons Card

  • SideWinder Card (5% chance of causing the double attack. You could double attack with any weapon if your Double Attack skill is level 10 (recommended) [Mid Price]
  • (A monster controlled by a DemiHuman takes 20% more damage.) Hydra Card [Mid Price]
  • Skeleton Worker Card (15%) Increases damage dealt to monsters of medium size. ATK + 5) [Mid Price]

Card Accessory

  • (Str+3) Mantis Card [Recommend]
    [Low Price]
  • Owl Baron Card (Increases the likelihood that when attacking an adversary, Level 1 Lex Aeterna will automatically cast.) [High Price]

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