All Tsukumo Locations in Wild Hearts

All Tsukumo Locations in Wild Hearts: When you are battling, you can use Wild Hearts Tsukumo, which are little allies you can come across while roaming. Realizing just how to acquire them and where to acquire it will be crucial to being as efficient as you can in fight. Whether they are landing attacks for you, healing you, gathering resources, or aiding your defence, each one has its functions.

Therefore, if you’re taking on any of the Wild Hearts Kemono, you might want to bring one of these little mechanical companions with you for assistance. Therefore let’s explore their functionality in Wild Hearts.

In Wild Hearts, Tsukumo serves as a comrade who can aid you in battle by tossing Karakuri or assist you by assisting you to make attacks and sustain yourself. These are little, mechanical balls that move along with you.

All Tsukumo Locations in Wild Hearts
All Tsukumo Locations in Wild Hearts

All Tsukumo Locations in Wild Hearts:

There are 50 of these Tsukumo to find, and they may be discovered on all of the game’s numerous maps. They can take in the shape of an Attack, Defense, Aid, or Threader. The last type gathers additional Celestial Thread for you to employ in battle rather than attacking.

Tsukumo is your comrade in Wild Hearts, assisting you to make attacks and maintain yourself or aiding you in battle by tossing Karakuri. You can move these little, mechanical balls along with you.

There are 50 of these Tsukumo to find, and you can find them on any of the game’s many different maps. In some cases, they can resemble an

To attack, defend, help, or thread. The last variety gathers more Celestial Thread for you to use in combat rather than assaulting.

Locations of The Wild Hearts Tsukumo:

You will face off against the Ragetail or the Kingtusk in a big open field with several dwellings, which can be found on the game’s first map. You can pick up a Tsukumo off the wall of a house off to the side.
More will be added to this guide when we complete the game and discover them. Yet, as was already indicated, they are pretty simple to locate, and you may also quickly discover a means to display them.

You now have all the information you require about the Wild Hearts Tsukumo. Check out our overview of Wild Hearts multiplayer and the top Wild Hearts weaponry for the game for even more Wild Hearts information.

All Tsukumo Locations:

Your devoted mechanical comrades who assist you on every hunt in Wild Hearts are called Tsukumo. They can assist you in a wide range of ways. Much like a different companion from a well-known monster hunting franchise. But unlike them. Finding a Tsukumo is more difficult because you have to look for them.

You can locate Tsukumo places by listening for the artificial noises that the environment makes when one is nearby. The Deep Probe, which highlights all the valuables located in the map by utilising the Tower. It can be unlocked from the Karakuri Tech Tree to make your work of collecting them easier.

Tsukumo Locations in Wild Hearts:

That’s correct. The map is where you may locate and collect Tsukumo. In total, Wild Hearts features 50 Tsukumo. In Attack, Defense, Assist, or Threader versions, every one of them has distinctively different stats. On the Wild Hearts main story path, these Tsukumo can be encountered frequently, however some of the more potent ones can be challenging to track down.

In Wild Hearts, you can roll alongside Tsukumo, little mechanical balls that serve as your companions. Tsukumo is comparable to the Palico from Monster Hunter in that it can heal you, battle with you, and even serve as bait for formidable creatures.

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