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Are Mobile Games Competing with Console and PC Games for Popularity?



Smartphones are everywhere; the chances are that you’re reading this post from one right now. We can safely presume this because the numbers say so: over 83% of the global population has a smartphone. This number surpasses console and PC ownership by a mile. Still, consoles and PCs have always been the prefered gaming devices for the most avid gamers. Is it changing?

The Playing Field

According to a report from Newzoo, mobile gaming surpassed PCs and consoles in 2018 for the first time. While the mobile gaming industry grew 25.5% that year, PC games grew a meagre 1.6%, and consoles by 4.1%.

Such a gap is even more impressive when we consider that mobile gaming was only a tiny fraction of this market: only 18%, while consoles and PCs shared the remaining 82%. In 2018, mobile gaming already represented 51% of this market. In 2022, this niche is reportedly growing 1.7x faster than the rest of the market.

Online Casinos, Consoles, and PCs

Smartphones used to lag behind consoles and PCs in terms of the complexity of the games on offer. Smartphones and tablets used to be quite limited when dealing with graphics and gameplay. Also, these devices weren’t considered as safe as laptops or PCs for mobile gambling. It doesn’t hold true anymore, and online gamblers won’t have trouble finding an amazing selection of new mobile casinos.

PCs and laptops have consistently topped the preference of those who like to play in online casinos. Larger screens, better cameras, and more safety features were vital for such popularity. However, smartphones are pretty much like pocket computers these days. Not rarely a flagship mobile device presents better features and better technology than most average computers.

Gone are the days when a gamer needed a console and a TV to play franchises like Rogue Six or Battlefield. These games are now available via game streaming services that work very much like Netflix. Some of the most popular are Google Stadia, GeForce NOW, and PlayStation NOW, which can all be accessed via smartphone or tablet.

3 Reasons Why

Mobile gaming has already overtaken the online gaming market and shows no sign of ceding. Indeed, this market is likely to grow even bigger in the next decade. It explains the rush of tech giants turning their batteries to this niche. Here are some of the critical advantages of mobile games over more traditional forms.

Available Everywhere

Players can enjoy their favourite games even while commuting with mobile gaming. Every place is a potential gaming room, provided there’s internet available. In opposition to PCs and consoles, we carry smartphones wherever we go. It isn’t impossible to travel with a console or open a laptop on a bus. Still, these are much less practical options than having a gaming station in your pocket.

More Interaction

Mobile games also allow more interaction between players, who can add geolocation features to the mix. Several games, like Pokemon GO or Ingress, use real-life maps and AR features in their gameplays. Players run across the city to accomplish different tasks and missions in such games. Such games are obviously impossible for consoles and PCs.

Wearable Gaming

Mobile games can interact with wearable devices, such as gloves, glasses, and even smartwatches. Such integration of technologies adds up to a much more vivid gaming experience. So far, this kind of gadget is only available for the best video game and PCs. Now, plenty of wearable gadgets are on the shelves, ready to pair with iOS and Android devices.

Cheaper Development

Typically, mobile games involve fewer costs in production and development. It’s not an absolute truth since some mobile projects can cost more than most modest console or PC titles. Still, there are potentially much fewer costs involved in putting out a new mobile game. Often, mobile games are developed by a single developer; such a scenario is virtually impossible with console or PC games.



Mobile devices are comparable to computers and video games in almost every way. The disadvantage of smaller screen sizes is compensated by conveniences and opportunities only mobile gaming can provide. These include wide availability, more interactivity, and varied gameplays.

Influence also goes the other way around, and initially, mobile games gained video game versions, like The Room (PC) and Fruit Ninja (Xbox 360). PCs and video games aren’t going anywhere, though. Professional gamers and enthusiasts still prefer those last two options over playing on a smartphone or tablet.

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