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How to Write an Academic Essay?


Everyone preparing to enter the university, whether in Ukraine or abroad, knows that he will have to deal with an academic illness. Let’s find out together what kind of a beast this is and whether it is as terrible as they say it is?

What is an essay?

The essay is a genre of writing in which the author submits a thesis and well-developed arguments about some phenomenon or issue.

The essay has a specific structure: the introduction, a few paragraphs (at least 2), and the conclusion. To understand how to write an essay, you have to learn to write a section that has a similar structure (introductory speech, supporting speech, and summary speech) but less in volume. Therefore, the essay is an enlarged copy of the paragraph.

An academic essay is a special kind of essay that meets the criteria of academic writing. In particular, it is characterized by the absence of personal statements or summaries, limited Use of specific subjects, exact connection words, a clear structure, and consecutive formatting. If you need some help with writing an essay on particular topics – let’s say jurisdiction – try law essay writing services so that the professionals can help you on your issue.

Academic Essay

Structure of the Academic Essay

The texts have their specific structure and essential elements. The course consists of:

the introduction, which necessarily contains the thesis statement,

the main body, which consists of several paragraphs, which provide the thesis statement in the introduction, with the help of well-developed arguments,

 – the conclusion.

Types of Academics Essays

There are many classifications of texts, but we will focus on the nine broadest types of texts most frequently encountered by students taking international examinations, joining international schools, and pursuing academic life.

  1. Narrative Essay 

This type of essay describes a sequence or series of events based on the author’s experience. This type has a specific plot and a large number of admirers, which do the reading of this fascinating for the reader; Use of particular times (such as Past Continuous for the tone of the story, Past Simple for a description of the events in the story, Past Perfect for an explanation of the events or circumstances that influenced the story), and so forth.

  1. Descriptive Essay 

The name “descriptive essay” speaks for itself: it describes something – a place, people, buildings, etc. It uses various descriptive structures, many adjectives, and so on. The structure of such an essay is defined by the logic “from the general to the non-material.” If it is necessary to describe a person, we give general information about her name, place, and time when we met her. In the next paragraph, we tell her physical appearance. Then we proceed to her character, hobbies, and interests and finish with our feelings about that person.

  1. Argumentative Essay 

An argumentative essay is one in which the author agrees or disagrees with a particular phenomenon or problem. With the help of arguments, they try to convince the reader of the correctness of the point of view expressed in the essay. This type of essay has a certain number of arguments, which are very different from each other, such as “for and against,” persuasive (“convincing,” i.e., where you need to convince the reader of a particular point of view), problem-solutions essays (“problem-solving,” i.e., those that require a description of a specific problem and ways of solving it), etc.

  1. Compare and Contrast Essay 

A comparative-contrast essay is an essay in which the author explains the similarities and differences between two things or objects.

  1. Cause and Effect Essay
  2. In a cause-and-effect essay, the author wants to explain the cause and effect of a phenomenon or problem using solid arguments.
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