Top 10 Super Pets in Dc Comics

Not all heroes wear capes. And not all of them are human either. Here are some of the best Super-Pets in DC Comics.

Image: Dc Comics

Super Horse

Comet, a super-strong horse who belongs to Supergirl, is one of the initial members of the Legion of Super-Pets.

Kanga Jumps

Jumpa is a kangaroo-like creature from the alien Kangas species. The Sky Riders transported them to Paradise Island.

Seahorse Goes On Adventures

Aquaman, the ruler of Atlantis, relies on Storm as his ride. Aquaman and Storm share a close psychic relationship.


Beppo is a species of animal from the planet Krypton that resembles a monkey. Jor-El, the father of Superman, owned Beppo.

Bat-Cow Fights EvilBat-Cow Fights Evil

Despite being an atypical member of the Bat Family, Bat-Cow is still a cherished addition.

Nightwing's Puppy

Barbara Gordon and Tim Drake affectionately refer to Haley, or Bitewing, as a relatively recent addition to the heroic pet community.


Despite what his name suggests, Gleek is actually an alien monkey that works for the Super Friends and is a huge fan of the hit musical television series Glee.

Streaky The Super Cat

Streaky, an orange cat that belongs to Supergirl, has a lightning bolt-shaped mark on her side. Initially a male cat.


Ace The Bat-Hound made his debut in 1955 after Bruce Wayne adopted him following the kidnapping of his owner. while assisting Batman

Krypto The Super-Dog

Given that he was the devoted pet of multiple members of the Superman family, Krypto is possibly the most famous member of the Super-Pets.

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