Tony Dow films, age, health etc.

The American actor, producer, and director are the subjects of this story. The British filmmaker, tony dow.

Tony Dow age

Born April 13, 1945, Los Angeles, California, U.S, now he is 77 years old. Christopher dow born in 26 march 1973  

Tony Dow children

Christopher dow born in 26 march 1973, now he was 49 years old. he also a actor. Dow was born in Hollywood, California 

Tony Dow best film

He is best remembered for playing Wally Cleaver in the 1957–1963 television sitcom Leave It to Beaver.

Tony Dow personal life

Dow was born in Hollywood, California. In his youth, Dow trained as a swimmer and was a Junior Olympics diving champion 

Tony Dow health

In 2022, on July 26, following false rumours of his demise, Dow was informed that his house in Topanga, California, by his family.

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