Top 10 Strongest Female Character in Game History, Ranked

Top 10 Strongest Female Characters in Game History: Though it’s commonly believed that men make up the majority of video game player 

#1 Samus Aran 

In Metroid, Samus Aran is the new number one, according to the rankings. If you’re anything like us, you had no idea Samus was a female character 

#2 Lara croft 

In Tomb Raider, Come on, you had to have her on this list somewhere. The main playable character and protagonist of the Tomb Raider series 

#3 Chun-Li 

In Street Fighter, One of the first strong women in video games was Chun-Li. Since her first appearance in the Street Fighter series in 1991 

#4 Sarah Kerrigan 

In Starcraft, In the hugely famous StarCraft franchise, Sarah Kerrigan—also known as the Queen of Blades—is a fictional character. 

#5 Alyx Vance 

In Half-Life: Alyx Vance’s power is evident in the fact that she is on this list of unplayable characters. 

#6 Elena Fisher 

In Uncharted, One of the primary protagonists in the wildly popular video game franchise Uncharted is Elena Fisher 

#7 Ellie 

In the Last of us, The most impressive character on this list is probably Ellie. The Last of Us, a well-known post-apocalyptic game 

#8 Faith Connors 

In Mirror Edge: The protagonist and primary playable character in the video game Mirrors Edge is Faith Connors. 

#9 Joanna Dark 

In Perfect Dark, The titular character and main heroine of the video game series Perfect Dark is Joanna Dark 

#10 Lightning 

In Final Fantasy XIII, Fans of the Final Fantasy series will recognise what a total badass this woman is 

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