Top 10 Silliest Characters From Serious Anime, Ranked

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#01 Minoru Mineta

In the Anime Series My Hero Academia, Minoru Mineta, Known Colloquially as That of The Fresh-Picked Hero: Grape Juice, Plays a Supporting Role 

#02 Iori Kitahara

Iori, a Blue-Haired College Student with A Medium Build and A Reasonable Amount of Muscle, Occasionally Gets Compliments on Her Looks 

#03 Killer B

Regardless of His Rank and Upbringing as A Jinchriki, Killer B Is Highly Proud of His Own Abilities and Consequently of Who He Is 

#04 Kon

Kon spends the majority of the time in the body of a little stuffed lion. The doll’s body is a light tan color with seams spanning the length of it. 

#05 L (Character)

L is a tall, extremely thin young man with dark eyes and unkempt neck-length hair. 

#06 Puck

Puck Resembles a Little, Nude Person. on Closer Inspection, He Has Wings on His Back that Resemble Insects, Large Pointed Ears, and No Discernible Genitalia. 

#07 Mako Mankanshoku

Mako is a boisterous, cheerful, and loving young woman who appears to cling to anybody she befriends, as seen by the fact that she immediately 

#08 Youhei Sunohara

Tomoya Okazaki’s closest buddy, Youhei Sunohara, is a juvenile offender. On the basis of his soccer skills, he was admitted to Hikarizaka Private High School 

#09 Rock Lee

Lee has absorbed some of his sensei’s personality attributes under Guy’s guidance: he is vivacious, upbeat, and hot-blooded 

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