10 Perks Of  A One Piece Reboot


So we are here About 10 Perks Of  A One Piece Reboot

A Major Improvement To Animation And Sound

One Piece has had pacing issues for a while, and it also results in episodes that cut corners.

New Staff Will Get A Chance

The impressive history of One Piece has meant that the franchise has garnered a lot of fans.

The Franchise Maintain

One Piece author Eiichiro Oda has gone on record to say that he believes he will finish the One Piece manga within the next three years.

It Could Make The Biggest Moments Even Better

Every One Piece fan remembers the death of Portgas D. Ace at Marineford, Monkey D. Luffy attacking a Celestial Dragon.

A Brand New Soundtrack

Every fan has a favourite song from One Piece's illustrious music library. However, the fact that these songs have been played repeatedly is a problem.

Fans Would No Longer

Long-running shonen anime tend to have numerous movies that are released alongside the anime. These are typically one-off non-canon stories.

Easier To Digest

1000 episodes is a lot to ask for someone to sit through when trying to convince them to start One Piece.

Remove All Of The Filler Content

A negative side effect of an anime adapting its manga too quickly is that it runs the risk of having no story left to adapt.

More Consistent Pacing

Shonen anime adaptations strive to follow the source material they are based on as accurately as possible. However, an issue arises when an anime adapts the story.

More Consistent

One Piece has gone through a few iterations of art styles since its inception. There are fans of its original style,

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