OnePlus Android 13 Oxygen OS 13 Supported Phones


So we are here About OnePlus Android 13 Oxygen OS 13 Supported Phones

When can we expect OxygenOS 13?

OxygenOS 13 was unveiled by OnePlus on August 3, 2022. The OnePlus 10 Pro is now receiving the OxygenOS 13 open beta.

Will OnePlus Nord get OxygenOS 13?

The first-generation Nord was released with Android 10, hence OxygenOS 13 won't be updated for it.

Zen Mode

Users of Zen Mode are encouraged to take breaks. The customizable feature enables users to choose a particular period of time.

More Always On Displays

With additional Always On Displays (AODs) available and more customization choices in OxygenOS 13.

Smart Launcher

On your Home Screen, Smart Launcher enlarges folders and their contents for quicker access. You won't need to open the folder in order to tap.

Side Toolbox

There is a useful feature that provides quick access to all programmes called the Sidebar Toolbox.

Fast Pair

With Fast Pair built into OxygenOS 13, you can instantly connect to supported wireless earbuds and headphones, smart TVs, and more.

Nearby Share and App Streaming

You may utilize Nearby Share with OxygenOS 13 to rapidly move content from Android and Windows devices if you have logged in from a single Google account.

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