Top 10 Most Popular Video Game Series


So we are here About Top 10 Most Popular Video Game Series

The Legend of Zelda

This was the best video game series 25 years ago and will still stay the best video game series 100 years from now.

Super Mario Bros

Super mario bros. Started video games this should be number 1! Super mario bros have good graphics, best games in the world.


Although it is the same format for every game across the series, (get your starter, balance gyms, rivals, a big bad team you have to take down.

Super Smash Bros

All the games in this series are just so entertaining to watch and play, 64 really set a good standard and good a lot of potential.

Grand Theft Auto

The ability to travel ANYWHERE you want, carry a buttload of weapons, take any vehicle from a Bike, exotic sportscar to a Military Jet.

Assassin's Creed

By far one of the most unique big franchises out there. I can think of no one else who does what AC does; immerse you in a historical open world.

Final Fantasy

Not only are the stories great, but the heroes, villains, and gameplay are too. Each game is different from the last in terms of environment and plot line.

Metal Gear Solid

The only reason why this isn't top 1 is because most voters here only played the newer game series. Call of duty, for example.


This game is much better than most games in the top ten Call of Duty deserves to be in the bottom 50.

The Elder Scrolls

Put it this way: When you've got a game series that gets things so right the first time that all you have to do to make a sequel is improve the graphics.

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