10 Expensive animals in the World


So we are here About 10 Expensive animals in the World

Arabian Horse

Oldest and Royal breed of horse that originates in Arabian Peninsula. Have a different head shape and high tail carriage.

Lavender Albino Ball Python

These Pythons are a product of recessive genes. Because of yellow markings and red eyes they look like ball colour and most beautiful snake in the world.


This is a special dog with power and by effect it looks like sheep. Mostly found in Britain. He in fact shows his skill in a “sparkling display” on the trial fields before bidders.

Tibetan Mastiff

It is a Tibetan dog and world’s largest which looks like lion. It is also considered as the sign of wealth of society.

Miss Missy

Miss Missy is a Holstein-type cow. Strangely, you may not be aware that this cow is the most costly in the world since she produces 50% more milk than the typical cow.

De Brazza’s Monkey

The name given to this very ancient species of monkey comes from a French traveller. It's amazing that this animal doesn't have any other species.

Sir Lancelot Encore

Do you know that this animal is world’s first cloned dog and became the most expensive animals in the world? Edgar and Nina Otto.

White Lion Cubs

These single species of lions are very rare and are difficult to calculate. They are first discovered in 1938.

Green Monkey

As name is of monkey but strange! It is a horse. The most expensive, rare and beautiful animal in the world.

Chinese Crested Dog

Tiny Chinese Crested Dogs are one of the most expensive dogs you can buy. Amazing thing is that they are hairless i.e.

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