Top 10 Coolest Codenames In Anime, Ranked


So we are here About Top 10 Coolest Codenames In Anime, Ranked


The story of Lelouch Vi Britannia is one for the history books, but not all of his accomplishments will be recorded under the name Lelouch.

The Yellow Flash Of The Leaf

Minato was known as "The Yellow Flash of the Leaf" during this time. This name was bestowed rather than selected.

The Thorn Princess

Yor Forger may not have as many code names as her husband, but she has one that is cooler than all of Twilight's pseudonyms combined.


The former king and president of the Sindria Trading Company was such a popular character in the original Magi series that he spawned his own spin-off series

The Demon

The Seven Ninja Swordsman of the Mist is one of the coolest group names ever put on the anime screen

Light Yagami's

Light Yagami's foray into the world of Shinigami and Death Notes came with a codename used by the world to mark the untraceable killer.


The protagonist of Spy x Family is known by many names, but the one he can't seem to shake off is his codename, Twilight.

The Atomic Samurai

Even while the One-Punch Man universe is rife with satire, jokes, and memes, that doesn't make it any less amazing. The character design of Geno

The Fullmetal Alchemist

In a world where alchemy serves as the primary power system, a full metal body is the greatest life hack in the history of life hacks.


Izuku Midoriya may not be the coolest student at U.A. High School, but he is still the best and the brightest. Every day he shows up to class.

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