Top 10 Board Games To Play With A Beer

Some board games complement the beverage being consumed and even encourage players to have a drink while rolling the dice, drawing cards.

The Red Dragon Inn

The group is the focus of the Red Dragon Inn after a successful session spent exploring dungeons, slaying enemies, and earning awards.

Cards Against Humanity

It's almost sinful to play Card Against Humanity without a beverage. Political correctness is thrown out the window in the game.

The Dragon And Flagon

In the fantasy world of the game The Dragon and Flagon, players compete against one another rather than with enemies.

Dungeons & Dragons

With the correct Dungeon Master setting up a solid story and players eager to fulfil their roles to the fullest extent possible

Customize Jenga

Even by itself, Jenga is quite challenging. Blocks must be taken out of the tower and put on top by the players.


Drink-A-Palooza, which incorporates many drinking games like Beer Pong, is undoubtedly a game that requires multiple drinks.

Truth Or Drink

Truth or beverage puts a drunken twist on the traditional "Truth or Dare" game. Players deal cards and place drinks at the table.


Telestrations blends Pictionary with "Broken Telephone." Each player has a sketchbook, and they each begin by penning a word on the first page.

The Settlers Of Catan

A casual beverage can be had while playing the great board game The Settlers of Catan with a group of players. Players gradually lay out their pathways.

Drinking Quest

The gameplay of Drinking Quest: Liquor Before Honor is comparable to that of other dungeon crawling board games. Characters are chosen by players.

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