Batman's 10 Best Fights In The Movies

Batman has been actively playing for almost 80 years. There have been numerous Batman movies in the recent years.

Batman 1966’s Submarine Struggle

Batman and Robin make an effort to stop the United Underworld, which consists of the Joker, the Penguin, the Riddler, and Catwoman.

Batman’s Entrance Begins a New Age of Batman

In 1989, Michael Keaton was created to play The Cloaked Crusader. Batman. Tim Burton was the film's director.

Satan In The Pale Moonlight

Batman He focused on his initial conflict with the Joker. As Jack Napier, Jack Nicholson underwent a notable transformation.

Coaching Prepares Bruce Wayne for Success

After Batman and Robin was so negatively received, the Batman movie franchise is on hiatus. 

Christopher Nolan’s Batman Makes use of Worry in His Huge Intro

Christian Bale had a fantastic Batman entrance, much like Michael Keaton had before him.

Batman Fights Two Fronts to Save The Joker’s

Batman rushes inside Black Knight to save a group of captives that the Joker has captured. 

Bane Breaks the Bat

The Rise of the Dark Knight Eight years after the Dark Knight Trilogy's conclusion, it adopted the return of Batman.

Slugfest Was A Shiny Spot For The Film

Days of Justice: Batman v. Superman Despite its flaws, it makes for fantastic viewing despite its flaws.

Warehouse Struggle is the Climax of Batman Warfare

Batman rushes to save Martha Kent, who has been kidnapped by Lex Luthor, after defeating Superman in their fight.

Batman’s First Struggle Units The Tone Of The Film

With Robert Pattinson, director Matt Reeves vowed to give Batman new life, and he generally does.

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