10 Anime Characters With High Offense (But No Defense)


So we are here About 10 Anime Characters With High Offense (But No Defense)

Death Note

Light's usage of the Death Note grants him extraordinary offensive potential. After writing someone's name down on its pages.


Zenitsu's offensive toolkit may be limited to the "Thunder Breathing" technique, but he has polished it to perfection.


Mine's Imperial Arms is simultaneously a blessing and a curse. The impact of her gun increases proportionately to how much danger she feels she is in.

King's Chastiefol

King's Chastiefol is versatile and dynamic. He can transform it into hundreds of daggers, use it to shock enemies with bolts of electricity.

Shikamaru's Shadow

Shikamaru's shadow possession jutsu allowed him to immobilize enemies caught within his shadow.


Haumea's Ignition Ability made her one of the strongest White-Clad in the Evangelist's ranks. She could manipulate the electricity in her opponents' brains.


Porco was the strongest Jaw titan of his era. Fast and agile, he could rip through military ranks and decimate titans just as easily.


Sugar was one of the most high-profile members of the Donquixote family and with good reason. Her devil fruit allowed her to turn her victim into dolls.


Seiji has the uncanny ability to turn others into meatballs. Predictably, this pacifies them instantly.

Sui Feng

Sui Feng was a high-ranking member of the Soul Society and one of its most active combatants.

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