8 Animals You Might See in The Future


So we are here About 8 Animals You Might See in The Future


Rising temperatures and booming parasite populations are expected to cause this cold-weather species that calls the northern United States.


Salmon require cold, fast-flowing streams and rivers to spawn. Changing stream flows and warming waters in the Pacific Northwest are already impacting some salmon species.

Snowshoe Hare

To help hide from predators, this North American rabbit has evolved to turn white in winter to blend in with the snow. With climate change.

American Pikas

About the size and shape of a hamster, the American pika typically lives at high elevations where cool, moist conditions prevail.

Sea Turtles

Various populations of sea turtle species and their nesting sites are vulnerable to sea-level rise, increased storminess.


Population decreases of these colorful-billed birds, which resemble tiny penguins, are being seen both abroad and in the United States.

Alaskan Caribou

Caribou are always on the move -- it’s not uncommon for them to travel long distances in search of adequate food.

Piping Plover

The piping plover is an iconic shorebird that breeds and nests along the Atlantic Coast, the Great Lakes and the Great Plains.

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