Top 10 Amazing Rap Groups of All Time


So we are here About  Top 10 Amazing Rap Groups of All Time

Wu-Tang Clan

Rap groups wouldn’t even exist if not for Wu-Tang Clan, plain and simple. The Staten Island legends proved that you could be successful as an ensemble.


The band is so well-known that their biographical film is receiving more publicity than any other film since the previous Star Wars release.


When you look up how to create the perfect rap duo, there should just be a picture of Outkast.


It’s real easy to tell the difference between someone who likes hip hop for the music and someone who likes it because they think it’s cool and tough.

The Fugees

The Fugees had everything you could possibly want in a hip hop group. Poetic lyrics, badass instrumentals, insanely talented members.


Yes, part of their everlasting legacy will include bringing a should-be-dead classic rock band back to life and causing a never.

De La Soul

If A Tribe Called Quest helped the Native Tongues Posse change the game for popular rap music.

A Tribe Called Quest

There’s a good chance that most hip hop groups never would’ve existed without A Tribe Called Quest.

Eric B. & Rakim

You can't measure the impact this Long Island duo had in record sales and megahits, because that's not where they shined.

Mobb Deep

While a lot of the public might consider Havoc and Prodigy to only have one big song, we doubt anyone would dare tell the New York.

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