Top 10 90s Video Games That Bombed But Became Cult Classics

Many video game franchises serve as a reminder that a game's quality should never be determined.

Spec Ops The Line

The long-running Spec Ops franchise was given to Yager Development with little constraints.

Beyond Good & Evil Was

integrating his signature aesthetic and several ideas from character exploration games like The Legend of Zelda series

Psychonauts Eventually

Psychonauts, the first game from Tim Schafer's studio Double Fine, was a delightfully absurd journey through the brains of eccentrics and outcasts.

Bayonetta Bewitched

Hideki Kamiya made a comeback to the genre he helped establish with the 2009 hack and slash game Bayonetta.

System Shock 2

Warren Spector's RPG and FPS sequel considerably improved the formula. In essence, players were free.


The Mother series by Shigesato Itoi hasn't had much success in the West. The NES version of the first game was supposed to be localised for the US.


The PlayStation 2 debut of Fumito Ueda was an audacious aesthetic accomplishment that marked a development in the medium.


Killer7 by Suda 51 was a game that blatantly ignored rules and defied categorization. It was mechanically similar to graphic adventure games.


The last game developed by Hideki Kamiya for Capcom marked a significant change from the high-octane action games like Devil May Cry and Viewtiful Joe.

Grim Fandango

Grim Fandango, Tim Schafer's last game before leaving LucasArts and starting his own business, was a charming and touching graphic adventure that was released.

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