Top 10 Female Characters from Pokemon, Updated

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#10 Serena

She Hates Rishon Racing Bcoz She Wasn't Interested in It but Her Mother Is a Champion Rishon Racer so She Tease Her 


She May Look Small and Cute but Make No Mistake This Little Girl Has the Soul of A Dragon Inside Her 

#8 Bianca

Bianca Is a Dragon Master She Is Way More Powerful than Other Pokegirl and The Strongest One And She Owns a Dragonite She Is the Strongest Female Companion 

#7 Officer Jenny

She Handle Pokemon Related Crime Never Lose to Do  There's No One More Qualified than The Seemingly  Endless Army of Officer Jenny"s 

#6 Dawn

She Is a Young Companion of Ash and A Coordinator  Who Travels Through the Sinnoh Region After Meeting Ash Brock She Decided to Continue Her Journey with Them While Traveling 

#5 Nurse Joy

If Your Pokemon Is in Need of Healing There's only One Lady for The Job Much Like Officer Jenny the Seemingly Identical Nurse Joys Are Dotted All Over the Region 

#4 Cynthia

She Is Truly the Top-Tier when It Comes to Challenges Plus We Can Tonight Be Infinitely Satisfying to See Her Decimate All of That Little Jerk Pauls Pokemon 

#3 Jessie

Jessie Is a Member of A Group Called Team Rocket Who Does Bad Work Like Stealing Pokemon She Works with James Meowth to Defeat and Steal Pokemon from Ash 

#2 Bea

Bea Is a Character Whos Introduced in Gen 8 She Is a Gym Leader Specializing in Fight-Type Pokemon She Is only Shown in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield the Gym Leader Allister Takes Her Place 

#1 Gal

Gal a Secret Sphere of Influence Team Galactic Her Team Goal to Recreate the Whole Pokemon Universe Nothing More than Thi

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