Top 10 Best Characters in Free Fire Max

Top 10 Best Characters in Free Fire Max  Aside from the suspenseful showdowns near the finish of a battle.


Alok is the most well-known and deadly character in Free Fire Max. Aside from that, it heals 5 HP in 5 seconds. Drop the Beat need 599 Diamonds to purchase this character.


K is a jiu-jitsu specialist and a professor.” K seems to have an active in-game talent called “Master of All.” It is one of the game’s unique talents,


Dmitri’s talent is Healing Heartbeat. With this talent, this guy can generate a 3.5-meter-radius area around himself. Users inside it get 3 HP each second,.


Camouflage is a skill discovered inside the Wukong. This ability transforms the user into a shrub with 20% reduced speed for 15 seconds, rendering the adversary unidentifiable in the game.


Chrono is a Free Fire character created in partnership with the well-known figure Cristiano Ronaldo. Chrono’s special skill in the game “Time Pass” gives players


Skyler possesses the active ability of Riptide Rhythm. His level 1 ability may cause a sonic wave to destroy five gloo barriers within 50m.


Kelly is among the most amazing characters available to gamers in the game. It has the ability Dash, which boosts sprinting speed by 1%


Jota is not a Free Fire fictional character. He is a real-life Indonesian martial artist and actor. Joe Taslim is his true name (thus the character Jo-Ta),

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