New Graveyard Drift Quest Pack in Fortnite

Graveyard Drift Quest Pack Leaked in Fortnite: All right there is so much chaos happening in the epic games. So what happened actual was that someone at epic games messed up pretty badly. Here they accidentally released the upcoming quest in Fortnite. So the qusest is of the name Graveyard drift quest pack. This first and foremost … Read more

Golden Skull Trooper in Fortnite – Release Date Reveal

Golden Skull Trooper is arriving in Fortnite. As per the information the Golden Skull Topper is arriving in the 2nd week. Fortnite players were eager for it. Many Players are eagerly waiting for this Golden Skull Trooper. It’s going to be happening in the second week. The first week has started on 5th October and … Read more

Z League Fortnite | How to Join Tournaments

Z League Fortnite: Z League Fortnite | How to Join Tournaments: Know Complete information about fortnite: fortnite is the world’s first skill-based Warzone & Fortnite tournament platform. Fortnite Z League Offers Fortnite tournaments for all skill levels. Using fortnite ranking algorithm, teams are placed into similarly skilled divisions. Also, Read: Fortnite Season 7 … Read more

Fortnite Squid Game Code 2021 – Working Code

Fortnite Squid Game Code; Yes! It’s true! The Popular Show was releasing on 17th September 2021. A Korean show in association with K-Dramas Squid Game hooked all over the world. No one was expecting the show to become one of the most-watched shows on Netflix. And now it’s also available for Fortnite fans. However, It’s not … Read more