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The All New Tekken 8 Victor Chevalier Character 2024


In this Article we will talk about the New Character in Tekken 8 Victor Chevalier. As TEKKEN 8 sends off moves close, players are becoming advertised about the new character Victor Chevalier, a new expansion to the game’s different list.

 The All New Tekken 8 Victor Chevalier Character 2023

Tekken 8 Victor Chevalier, a commended figure, starts from a heredity of respectable knights. His energy to help those in trouble drove him to lay out the UN’s free powers. He emulated his dad’s example, at first serving in the French Naval force prior to joining the UN, driven by his enthusiasm to help more people.

How’s the New Tekken 8 Victor Chevalier Character?

Worried that worldwide strength was inclining towards corporate power, Victor saw the need to offset it. In this manner, he made and prepared the Raven Power, an independent military gathering with the position to balance the confidential military of organizations.

Outfitted with top-level strategic stuff and high level optical weaponry, Victor expects the authority of the UN powers, telling his new first class crew as he gets ready for the inevitable fight.

Eminent French entertainer Vincent Cassel revives the personality of Victor Chevalier. Cassel, notable for his parts in motion pictures like “Disdain,” “Sea’s Twelve,” “Mesrine,” “Eastern Commitments,” and “Dark Swan,” is a long-lasting TEKKEN lover. Quite, this is whenever he first has contributed his voice to a computer game person.

Considering his TEKKEN venture, Cassel shared, “I found TEKKEN during the ’90s and truly got into it when Swirl Gordo was presented. He was into capoeira, very much like I was at that point, so I only played with him. What fascinated me about Victor Chevalier was the portrayal of a French person in such a worldwide perceived game. Besides, he encapsulates a refined and exquisite French persona through his disposition and clothing, which got my advantage as I was called upon to voice Victor.”

Tekken 8 Victor Chevalier

Why are gamers excited for the Tekken 8 Victor Chevalier Character?

 TEKKEN 8 Victor Chevalier brings a demeanor of refinement and French pizazz, and for Vincent Cassel, it denotes a huge achievement by loaning his voice to this novel and recognized character.

As the exceptionally expected arrival of TEKKEN 8 approaches, the buzz around the game increases, particularly with the expansion of the interesting person, Victor Chevalier, to its different arrangement.

Tekken 8 Victor Chevalier, a scion of a regarded genealogy of knights, epitomizes an intense craving to help the persecuted. His obligation to this cause prompted the foundation of the UN’s free powers. He continued in the strides of his dad, at first enrolling in the French Naval force prior to joining the UN, driven by an enthusiasm to expand help on a more extensive scale.

Noticing a world crawling towards control by corporate powers, Victor understood the earnest requirement for neutralization. Accordingly, he established and skillfully prepared the Raven Power, a first class military unit engaged to counter the confidential military of enterprises.

Tekken 8 Victor Chevalier

Know Everything about the new Tekken 8 Victor Chevalier

Embellished in refined high fashion clothing and furnished with state of the art optical weaponry, Victor accepts administration of the UN powers. Ready to assume responsibility for his recently shaped world class group, he prepares for the approaching fights.

The personality of Victor Chevalier is rejuvenated by the eminent French entertainer Vincent Cassel. Known for his jobs in acclaimed movies, for example, “Disdain,” “Sea’s Twelve,” “Mesrine,” “Eastern Commitments,” and “Dark Swan,” Cassel isn’t just a regarded entertainer yet additionally a long-lasting enthusiast of the TEKKEN series. Denoting his initial introduction to voicing a computer game person, Cassel communicated his affection for the game and his job as Victor.

Sharing his experience, Cassel thought back, “I found TEKKEN during the ’90s, particularly when Vortex Gordo was presented. Given his capoeira style, I promptly floated towards playing with him. What attracted me to Victor Chevalier was the chance to carry a French person to such a universally perceived game. His complex disposition and exquisite style impacted me, which provoked my curiosity as I was offered the job of voicing Victor.”


Who is Victor Chevalier?

Victor Chevalier is a living legend who established the United Nations’ autonomous army.

Who is the protagonist of Tekken 8?

Jin Kazama

It’s no surprise to see Jin Kazama heading up the roster for Tekken 8. He’s become something of a series mascot. Since his first appearance in Tekken 3, and has since become its go-to protagonist. Jin mixes his bloodline’s own Kazama Style martial arts with the brutal Mishima Style.

Is Dragunov in Tekken 8?

Sergei Dragunov

After this, Dragunov is permitted to have an extended leave for the first time in his life, but his vacation is only brief. As he returns by the time of the events of Tekken 8 to finish his personal bucket list.

Is Feng Wei in Tekken 8?

Feng Wei

Feng has had many lines of spoken conversation for the first time since Tekken 5. He also has win-pose dialogue for the first time.

Who is the bad guy in Tekken 8?

Kazuya Mishima

Kazuya Mishima: Tekken 8’s main antagonist, Kazuya Mishima, recently defeated his father, Heihachi Mishima, in an epic grudge battle. Now, he’s trying to settle the score with his son, Jin.

In the End:

Victor Chevalier’s presence in TEKKEN 8. It implies a mix of refined tastefulness and worldwide allure, repeating the opinions of French complexity. For Vincent Cassel, this contribution isn’t just a thrilling undertaking yet in addition a huge achievement in his vocation.

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