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The Best Card-Based Games Beyond Poker


Card games have been around for centuries, providing entertainment and competition for people around the world. While poker may be the most famous and lucrative card game today, there are many other fantastic card-based games that are worth exploring. From classic solitary games to new hybrid games, read on to discover new worlds of card play possibilities.


Solitaire, also known as patience, is one of the most popular single-player card games ever created. The classic version, Klondike solitaire, came bundled with Windows computers, introducing generations to the pleasures of manipulating cards on a screen.

The gameplay is simple yet compelling. You arrange cards in descending order by suit, working from ace to king. The goal is to create four piles of just kings, clearing the table. It takes concentration, planning, and a little luck.

The Best Card-Based Games Beyond Poker
The Best Card-Based Games Beyond Poker

While the Windows version lacks a competitive element, there are now cash versions of solitaire that introduce betting, leaderboards, and tournaments. On these platforms, you can challenge other players and win real money prizes.

Some top solitaire apps:

  • Solitaire Cube
  • Solitaire Cash
  • 247 Solitaire

So, if you’ve mastered every inch of freecell and spider solitaire, why not take your skills into the cash arena? Solitaire moves fast and doesn’t require learning complex rules or strategies. It’s an easy entry point for earning money from card play. Here’s a Solitaire Cash review to give you a better idea of competitive solitaire.

Rummy Family Games

Rummy is a classic card game family that traces back thousands of years. Early versions of rummy appeared in China, evolving over centuries into hundreds of rummy variations around the world today.

Key rummy games:

  • Gin rummy: Often played by just two players, the goal here is to form ‘melds’ of three or more cards of the same rank or sequence. Popular versions played today include Hollywood gin, Oklahoma gin, and knocking gin.
  • 500 rum: Popular in Australia, this version adds elements of tricks and trump suits like bridge along with the core objective of melding cards.
  • Canasta: Meaning ‘basket’ in Spanish, forming melds and ‘going out’ by melding your entire hand is the path to victory here. Modern versions, like Bolivia, ban certain wild cards to increase difficulty.

While less lucrative than poker, many card sharks sharpen their skills in rummy games before graduating to casino card tables. Fast play and constantly changing hands keep players alert and engaged through long sessions.


Cribbage is among the oldest card games still played today. Created in the early 17th century by British poet Sir John Suckling, cribbage brings together counting, bluffing, and strategy.

Play revolves around reaching 121 points first or 61 in shorter games. Points come from card combinations like pairs, flushes, and 15-point ‘cribbage’ sets of cards totaling 15. You can even score points for particularly good hands, like having the jack of the same suit dealt turned up.

Cribbage features:

  • Played between two people or teams of two
  • Unique cribbage scoring board used to track points
  • Cutting the deck for the “crib” – extra cards used for scoring
  • Pegging – advancing pegs on the board as you score points

Cribbage has a devoted following, particularly in Britain and North America. Mastering the complex scoring system takes practice but is deeply rewarding. Local cribbage tournaments let skilled players compete for money and recognition during long winters in northern climates.

Hybrid Card Games

While games like poker and solitaire have distinct identities and rules, a new generation of hybrid card games combines elements from across game families to create fresh gameplay.

Here are some notable examples:

Casino War

Based on the childhood game war, players and dealers reveal cards with the highest-ranked card winning. While simple, side bets on ties and special card combinations introduce blackjack-style gambling decisions.

As a mashup between war and blackjack, Casino War offers a taste of both worlds in one compact package. It also has one of the lowest house edges in casino gaming when playing the basic game.

Four-Card Poker

A variation on three-card poker, four-card poker adds an extra card to the player’s and dealer’s hands. Having four cards creates many more high-value hands, like four of a kind. The additional card also unlocks more bet varieties compared to three-card games.

Four-card poker merges betting game genres by combining poker hand rankings with a blackjack-style competition between players and dealer hands.

Ultimate Texas Holdem

The world’s most popular poker variation meets casino table game in Ultimate Texas Holdem. Developed by Roger Snow of Shuffle Master fame, UTH deals out flops and turns to entire tables of players automatically like a slot machine.

You can then build Texas Holdem hands using community cards dealt in the center. But casino bets and bonuses allow you to multiply winnings beyond what’s possible in standard poker games. It brings the exponential payout potential of slots right into the heart of poker action.


While poker enjoys tremendous popularity worldwide, from home games to televised tournaments, it merely scratches the surface of all the fantastic card-based games available today.

With so many options now available both online and in-person, why limit yourself? Dive into the wide world of non-poker card games today. You might just discover a new lifelong passion that handily stacks up to poker for enjoyment and rewards.

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