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Otk Valorant Tournament Complete Guide December 2023


In this Article we will talk about the new Otk Valorant Tournament and what exciting it brings. All teams and participants in the OTK Valorant Invitational have been disclosed. One True King, often known as “OTK,” has officially revealed all of the players in their professional gaming competition, OTK Valorant Invitational. 

 Otk Valorant Tournament Complete Guide November 2023

On December 9, 2023, the Austin, Texas-based aggregate reported their relationship with Uproar Games, and expressed that the occasion will occur on Emily “Emiru’s” channel on December 13, 2023, at 2 p.m. CST:

Otk Valorant Tournament and the Invitational to the OTK Valorant. A fully serious sweating content creator event presented by Emiru (bronze, by the way), in collaboration with Riot Games.

What’s on the Otk Valorant Tournament?

One True King disclosed all of the broadcasters and content makers who would compete in the tournament in a series of social media posts on X (previously Twitter).

The OTK Valorant Invitational elements each decoration that is participating in the gaming challenge.

The 2023 OTK Valorant Tournament will include eight teams led by some of the industry’s most well-known people. The following content providers will act as event team captains:

  1. Zack “Asmongold”Thomas “Sykkuno”Eric “Erobb221″Nick “Nmplol”EsfandTV Zack “Asmongold”Thomas “Sykkuno”Eric “Erobb221″TectoneMatthew “Mizkif”Emily “ExtraEmily”Matthew “Mizkif”Matthew “Miz

 Otk Valorant Tournament

What are the teams in Otk Valorant Tournament

We’ll now take a look at each team’s roster for the OTK Valorant Invitational:

  1. Team Asmongold consists of Zack “Asmongold” Pierce “Graycen” Angrawrxd Wake. The Wilder Bean
  2. Thomas “Sykkuno” “Ludwig” Ahgren Peter “PeterParkTV” Park Jake “Tuonto” Miyong “Kkatamina”
  3. Team Erobb221 consists of Eric “Erobb221” Ryan Higa Dareon PSP1G Moxy.
  4. Nick “Nmplol” Imane “Pokimane” Russel Lucas “Buddha”, Ahhh Gabs
  1. EsfandTV Team: EsfandTV, Josh Seki Phin Shoto Rachell “Valkyrae” Seki Phin Shoto
  2. Tectone’s Team: Tectone, Yung, Michael “Sonii” Jeff Bryce “BryceUp” Wanted
  3. Matthew “Mizkif” Leslie “Fuslie” vGumiho Hannah “Bnans” Janet “xChocoBars”
  4. Emily “ExtraEmily” Wojito William “Scarra” Sydney “Sydeon” Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wojito

Who is hosting the Otk Valorant Tournament?

The Otk Valorant Tournament will be hosted by notable Twitch celebrities Emiru, Daphne “39daph,” and Kyedae, in addition to the previously listed 40 contestants.


What is the arrangement of the Valorant 2023 competition?

The gathering stage was held from August 6 to 13, 2023. Every one of the 16 groups were isolated into four gatherings of four groups every, who contended in a twofold disposal design like the GSL. The games were played in a best-of-three configuration. The best two clubs in each gathering progressed to the end of the season games.

What precisely is VCT gaming?

The Valorant Champions is Uproar Games’ yearly expert Valorant worldwide title contest, held toward the finish of each VCT season. Valorant esports groups fight for the title of worldwide boss.

How does VCT Champions work?


Groups take part in local Challengers competitions prior to fitting the bill for overall Experts occasions to meet all requirements for Champions, a fourteen day competition in which one group is proclaiming the VALORANT Worldwide Boss.

Who will win the VCT in 2023?

After beating Paper Rex 3-1 in the finals, Evil Geniuses became the first North American team to win the Valorant global title.

Which team won the VCT 2023?

Evil Geniuses’ squad

On the evening of August 27, the new Valorant global champion was crowning. The North American team Evil Geniuses won the main event of the current season, defeating the Indonesian team Paper Rex.

 Otk Valorant Tournament


One True King, made in 2020 by Asmongold, Mizkif, Rich Campbell, Tips Out, and EsfandTV, has become one of the most compelling organizations in the substance advancement field.They are most recognized for putting on major events like the Games Expo, The OTK Game Awards, and ELEVATED.

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