Valorant 7.10 Update Patch Notes November 2023

The following are the early VALORANT 7.09 Update patch notes, read more to know everything. The next PBE patch for VALORANT has been released for the weekend, bringing no big changes but rather minor tweaks that may affect the gameplay of a few important agents.

The Valorant 7.09 Update Patch Notes also features a minor nerf to one of the game’s most contentious weapons, as well as some tweaks to select agents’ furry companions. The newest patch notes were provided on Reddit by Riot developer Jo-Ellen Aragon.

 Valorant 7.09 Update Patch Notes October 2023

The following are the preliminary patch notes for patch 7.09, which is now available on the VALORANT PBE server until November 30.

VALORANT 7.09 Update Patch Notes Early Changes

Agent effects


Trapwire, one of Cypher’s hallmark sentinel abilities, has been greatly improved in this PBE version. Trapwire will now concuss an adversary trapped in its line in half the time it used to, from three seconds to 1.5 seconds. This reduces the amount of time adversaries have to cut the wire before it concusses their comrades.

Furthermore, the sluggish effect induced by being tagged by a trip wire has been extended from 0.75 seconds to two seconds.

Finally, and maybe most importantly, Trapwire is no longer a one-time use ability. If you capture an opponent in the wire, it will now re-arm in order to catch someone else.

The adjustments to Cypher are described in the early 7.09 PBE patch notes as a drive to enhance not only him but sentinel agents as a whole by increasing their utility. Though some other sentinel agents, such as Sage, have significantly more difficult to kill utilities, Cypher, in particular, suffers from possessing devices that are typically easy to resist.

 Valorant 7.09 Update Patch Notes October 2023

Characters of Valorant 7.09 Update Patch Notes


The Trapwire ability is unquestionably the easiest to learn in Cypher’s arsenal. This little device is excellent for keeping an eye on flanks and other locations your squad cannot see while working toward a goal. On the defensive side, well placed Trapwires might reveal your opponents’ offensive strategy.

A Trapwire is easiest avoided by jumping over or ducking beneath it, but a tactical piece of utility from a number of different agents can destroy it in an instant. This is why Riot is making some improvements that will hopefully strengthen the overall ability.

Skye The adjustments to Skye and Fade precisely match to the intended consequence of Cypher’s Trapwire alterations.

New Changes added on Valorant 7.09 Update Patch Notes

When engaging with Trapwire, Skye’s Trailblazer, the ability she uses to send a creature ahead to scout for her, will now have an improved hitbox. When the wire is “placed at mid-height,” the Trailblazer dog just goes beneath it rather than activating or damaging it.

This is a minor improvement for Skye’s dog in that it may now pass through some Tripwires without being noticed, but it also means that sending a Trailblazer alone may not destroy the wire, requiring another teammate to do so.


Fade, a VALORANT agent, stands up and strikes her fist. Skye and Fade’s dogs have both been polished. Riot Games provided the screenshot. Fade’s Prowler animals are being treated in the same manner to Skye’s Trailblazer. Prowlers’ hitbox will be adjusted to allow them to travel beneath Cypher’s Trapwires put at head height and above wires placed at foot height.

When the “dogs” are shot at, neither the Trailblazer nor the Prowler’s hitboxes will alter. In Valorant 7.09 Update Patch Notes, Raze will receive an overall buff that has nothing to do with Cypher and his Trapwire antics. Her nerf will target components of her utility that players occasionally position carelessly, refocusing the powers to demand greater precision.

The explosion and damage radius of the agent’s Paint Shell grenade have been lowered. The main blast now has a 5.5-meter range rather than six meters and deals a minimum of one HP damage rather than 15 HP. The secondary explosion now has a radius of 5.25 meters instead of six meters and deals a minimum of one HP of damage instead of 15 HP.

Furthermore, the Paint Shells now deal less damage to utility items, with the 250 percent multiplier reduced to 100 percent. These modifications will result in less “accidental” damage with Raze grenades and will necessitate a more determined strategy to truly land kills with the ability.


Raze’s satchels, also known as Blast Packs, have been reduced in power. The Satchels will no longer deliver damage until they are completely armed, and the arm time has been raised from 0.5 to 1.5 seconds.

Weapon modifications in Valorant 7.09 Update Patch Notes

The Judge, the greatest shotgun in the game, has had the most changes this time around. Even if the weapon is superior to its weaker shotgun cousin. The focus of VALORANT play does not typically center upon relatively close-range encounters. Leading this weapon to put a wrench in the game’s identity in recent months. The Judge’s maximum magazine capacity is being decreased from seven to five rounds.

In VALORANT 7.09 Patch Premier adjustments, Riot truly listens and applies meaningful nerfs to run-and-gun Judge. This patch will bring a slew of new modifications to VALORANT’s Premier mode. Timeouts, practice queues (scrimmages), and general matchmaking modifications will be added in Patch 7.09.

Riot has also cut the amount of points required for teams to qualify for the playoffs from 675 to 600. In addition, there will be an unbalanced number of clubs. In each Premier zone to support the infrastructure of teams in each region.

VALORANT has finally added a practice queue, timeouts, and playoff seeding to the Premier match schedule. Riot has also included a new Team Creation Window to make it simpler for teams. To recruit new players and vice versa. To top it all off. Your Premier team’s crest will now change with you throughout each level to represent your success.

Valorant Update 6.11 Patch No Valorant 7.09 Update Patch Notes October 2023

Fixes for bugs

A minor audio error that causing footstep noises to be heard when players removed from a rope. Even while they held the Shift key, has been resolved. If you have access to the PBE. Take use of it this weekend to put all of the new modifications to the test. Otherwise, most of the changes should be implementing with patch 7.09 next week.

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