Lies of P All Quartz Locations ( Skill Points)

Lies of P All Quartz Locations ( Skill Points): In Lies of P, skill points may be bought with precious resources called quartz. Then, you may utilise skill points to develop your character’s capabilities, giving them new skills and enhancing their power. In Lies of P, there are a total of 27 Quartz, and they may be discovered in various places all across the game.

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Lies of P All Quartz Locations ( Skill Points)
All Quartz Locations ( Skill Points)

Lies of P All Quartz Locations

Lies of P All Quartz Locations information about a number of game chests, such as those found in the Church of the Blood, Workshop Union, Hospital, Asylum, Warehouse, Ruined City, Sewer, Laboratory, Cathedral of the Blood, Catacombs, Royal Palace, Clocktower, and Final Boss Arena. Quartz may be discovered on the ground, in closed doors, in hidden chests. It is available from NPCs as payment for completing tasks or assisting them. Additionally, retailers are able to sell it.

Quartz Location 1

After the player defeats Parade Master, the first boss in the game, they receive their first Lies of P Quartz. Although it may not be possible to use it for a few hours, they can come back and immediately experience their first P-Organ synergy with it.

Quartz Location 2

We must battle the Scrapped Watchman Boss behind Krat’s City Hall in order to obtain our next Quartz. Similar to the last boss, this Quartz is essential, and by completing the game, we’ll automatically obtain it.

Quartz Location 3

The King of All Riddles quest requires obtaining a fourth piece of quartz by answering a phone outside Venigi’s factory and opening the Trinity door, which contains a Blueblood’s Tailcoat.

Quartz Location 4

After reaching Venigi’s factory, we can proceed left, encountering puppets and a large robot. Attack Puppet of the Future, delay until clearing swamp under Tus effect.

Quartz Location 5

After making enough progress in the Venigi’s Factory and defeating the human adversary sporting a mouse head, we may rob the neighboring Doctor-Cure-All office and discover the Quartz in a nearby safe.

Quartz Location 6

The text suggests a method to obtain Quartz without fighting by piercing the enemy’s body and causing hyperthermia. It also mentions a blazing rabbit pyre in a courtyard. The author suggests battling or drawing the enemy away before approaching the structure for safe looting.

Quartz Location 8

Upon defeating the Black Rabbit Brotherhood, access to their treasure room will be granted. Inside, a box can be found containing a Quartz gem, a portrait of the player with a nose that grows with each lie told, and an overhead Golden Coin Fruit Tree.

Quartz Location 9

A huge puppet clown will be manning the entrance to the Orchestra building when we arrive. To avoid having to go back and redo the fight, I advise rushing past this powerful foe before engaging them and resting at the adjacent Stargazer.

Quartz Location 10

There are a couple of stone corridor backrooms in the Estella Opera House that we may access by jumping down from the chamber with the blazing chandelier and then following the way to the chest that contains the Quartz.

Quartz Location 11

We will come across a powerful mini-boss guarding a chest containing Quartz outside of the Grand Expedition. The mini-boss deals significant damage for our current level, so I suggest retrieving the Quartz and dealing with the mini-boss at a later time.

Quartz Location 12

The Sturdy Krat Supply Box may be given to Polendina at Hotel Krat to increase their options. It is located in a chest on the upper floor of the Grand Exhibition. In addition to moonstone, Polendina now offers a single Quartz for just over 1,000 Ergo.

Quartz Location 13

To obtain 13th and 14th quartzes, we must face two Puppet of the Future mini-bosses and a large ballista. To deal with these opponents quickly, we should eliminate the ballista and surrounding foes before confronting the first Robot mech.

Quartz Location 14

Destroy the last mech using the same tactic as previously, but be careful of their stomp and spin attacks. I advise keeping an eye out for the legless puppets that can throw us into some of the terrible attacks of the robot.

Quartz Location 15

We’ll have to solve another puzzle from the King of All Riddles at Krat’s Exhibition before returning to the Ochastra Stargazer for our next Quartz. We can see the Trinity Sanctum up ahead after descending from the blazing chandelier.

Quartz Location 16

When returning to the ruined Krat Central Station and traversing through the hazardous fog between the two trains, a chest can be found containing Quartz. After dealing with any nearby enemies and clearing out the spore cloud, the treasure can open safely and effortlessly.

Quartz Location 17

The Parade Master, a redesigned boss, drops the next Quartz and Ergo in exchange for our next Quartz. Despite their simple moves and rotting tentacles, their assaults may wear out our weapons.

Quartz Location 18

To obtain the next Quartz for finishing the King of All Riddles’ mission, answer the phone at the Relic of Trismegistus Entrance and descend through the rafters.

Quartz Location 19

We will find a chest containing quartz on a ledge inside the Outer Abby, beyond a large and heavy object in the murky interior error.

Quartz Location 20

We discover a huge puppet cuddling someone who is most like from a circus past the gate we open with a lever. While we may battle them alone, we can also entice a few corpse foes to draw the boss’s attention and deplete their health, allowing us to kill them with ease.

Quartz Location 21

As we climb the Abby, we encounter chests with Quartz and stronger amulets like Red Fox Amulet, which boost our Motivity and Technique stats by 4 points.

Quartz Location 22

When players encounter Champion Victor in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, they can take advantage of the robot’s slower pace to use staggered attacks and fairy arts to defeat it. Although its attacks are less lethal than the boss, players should still be cautious in battle.

Quartz Location 23

The next Quartz requires us to obtain a mechanical Cryptic Vessel from the chest near the previous Quartz’s location in the dark abby. We can locate a Wandering Merchant by deciphering the Cryptic Vessel near disruptor dogs.

Quartz Location 24

Return to Krat, climb rooftops, circle building, locate chest, descend, buy Quartz for 4,400 Ergo, and bring an item to Polendina for store growth. Help Polendina grow their store by opening a chest.

Quartz Location 25

The first Quartz is located in a nearby chest, past multiple enemy corpses, in a wooden home. There are two Quartz in this region.

Quartz Location 26

The Hermit’s Cave ends with a safe for locating the last Quartz, but a dangerous adversary is watching, so we must entice or eliminate them before unlocking.

Quartz Location 27

The last Quartz is found in the Barren Swamp with the Broken Puppet. Who asks us to teach them human values? We receive a Quartz for emotional expressions.

Where To Find Quartz Lies of P

Find Quartz In Lies of P, quartz, a rare item, may acquire through defeating various bosses. Performing side tasks, and finishing hidden quests. Quartz is drop by the Parade Master, Scrapped Watchman, and Blue Blood’s Tailcoat at the beginning of the game. Quartz may also obtain by correctly solving the first Arlecchino puzzle and discovering the Trinity Room at Venigni’s factory.

However, because there is a finite supply of Quartz, you cannot immediately access every P-Organ skill. You can alter your selections after you understand how to proceed. The P-Organ consists of five phases, each of which must complete to reveal the following phase. A unique hidden benefit can accesse by investing enough Quartz to finish a phase.

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