Thoughts on Jingliu Kit and Her Lightcone

Thoughts on Jingliu Kit and Her Lightcone: A skilled practitioner at inflicting Area damage and bolstering foes, Jingliu is a 5-star Quantum Trailblazer. She has a particular feature that enables her to go into a condition. When she receives more abilities her damage output rises. She can do more damage and apply debuffs thanks to her Lightcone, the Light of the Aurora.

The 5-star alternative to Jingliu’s iconic Lightcone anticipates its peak in Slot. Other choices include Something Irreplaceable, Clara’s distinctive Lightcone from the normal banner, and On the Fall of an Aeon. A free-to-play Lightcone from Herta’s shop in the Simulated Universe.

Thoughts on Jingliu Kit and Her Lightcone
Thoughts on Jingliu Kit and Her Lightcone

Thoughts on Jingliu Kit and Her Lightcone

With the use of her kit, Jingliu can massively damage an enemy’s AoE and buff allies. Her charged attack causes damage to all foes in a limited AoE, as opposed to her usual attack, which only affects one enemy at a time. Talent, Aurora Blade, applies the debuff Quantum Disruption, which lowers the opponent’s Quantum RES by 15% and causes damage to all foes in a wide AoE. Her ultimate, Aurora Burst, causes tremendous damage to all foes in a wide AoE. Imbues all foes struck with the Quantum Disruption debuff.

Her toolbox includes Jingliu’s unique condition, Aurora Dance. After using a skill or ultimate, she enters Aurora Dance, which lasts for three turns. Jingliu’s attack speed, movement speed, skill, and ultimate damage all increase by 20% when she is doing Aurora Dance.

Additionally, she obtains the Aurora Blade effect, enabling her to utilise Aurora Blade+, an upgraded talent that does more damage and adds the Quantum Disruption debuff for two rounds.

Jingliu Lightcone

The adaptable character Jingliu may be employed in a variety of team setups, especially ones that prioritize damaging foes in a wide area of effect and bolstering allies. She gains benefits from her lightcone, the Light of the Aurora, including an increase in quantum resistance of 10%, a boost to skill damage of 15%, and a prolongation of the Quantum Disruption debuff’s duration by one turn. She has a 50% chance when utilising her ultimate to deal the debuff to every enemy she hits.

Good teammates for Jingliu include Clara, Pela, and Fu Xuan. Fu Xuan and Jingliu work together to deal enhanced damage and enormous damage to foes that have been affected by Jingliu’s Quantum Disruption debuff. Clara improves attack speed, movement speed, and damage. Pela enhances Quantum RES and damage.

What is the Jingliu Kit and how does its Lightcone work?

The arsenal of skills that Jingliu possesses consists of Normal Attack, Charged Attack, Aurora Blade, and Aurora Burst. Jingliu may utilise her improved talent, Aurora Blade+, which does more damage and imposes the Quantum Disruption debuff for two turns. While her enhanced state, the Aurora Dance, boosts her attack speed, movement speed, skill, and ultimate damage by 20%.

Jingliu can deal more damage and remove debuffs thanks to her lightcone, The Light of the Aurora. It enhances Jingliu’s Quantum RES by 10%, skill damage by 15%, and the time her Quantum Disruption affliction lasts by 1 round. When Jingliu performs her ultimate, she has a 50% chance to debuff all foes she hits with Quantum Disruption. Jingliu additionally has a 50% chance of debuffing every enemy he hits when using the Light of the Aurora.

These FU XUAN & LYNX Summons Went Horribly

In Honkai: Star Rail, summoning new characters may be a fun yet difficult process. Common summoning errors include not accumulating enough pulls, failing to utilise the pity system, misusing resources, lacking a strategy, and not giving up.

Start conserving your pulls early and refrain from using them on other characters or things to improve your chances of success. Complete the daily and weekly tasks that reward you with pulls. A fresh character is assured by the pity system after a certain amount of pulls. Check the pity counter before beginning summoning to prevent this, and wait until you reach it before moving on.

Your odds of receiving a new character can be improved by Stellargaze Tickets, Lightcone Resonance Tickets, and Fusion Cores. But only apply them to banners that feature the required character. You may purchase Lightcone Resonance Tickets to acquire Lightcones for particular characters, enhancing their strength. Characters may fused together to create stronger characters with Fusion Cores. But only on characters you are certain you want to keep. Decide the characters you want and how many pulls you are ready to spend on each before you start summoning.

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