List of P Weeping Lady Quest how to get Feel Record Reward

List of P Weeping Lady Quest how to get Feel Record Reward: There are many mysteries in the vast world of Pokémon that need to be solved. One such conundrum in the Sinnoh region is the Weeping Lady, a spectral Pokémon that has grabbed the interest of both trainers and academics. Trainers need to accomplish a number of P Weeping Lady Quests in order to communicate with this elusive ghost. In this post, we’ll give you a complete list of these missions, explain how to start them, describe what it’s like to run into the Weeping Lady, show you how to document the encounter, and discuss the prizes that await those who brave to go looking for her.

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List of P Weeping Lady Quest how to get Feel Record Reward
List of P Weeping Lady Quest how to get Feel Record Reward

List of P Weeping Lady Quest:

As soon as you get in Canalave City, the first mission starts. Ask the locals about rumours regarding the Weeping Lady. Your first assignment comes from a local historian and is to locate an ancient journal at a neighbouring library. There are hints in this journal that point to the whereabouts of the Weeping Lady. When you get the diary, go to the Canalave Library to discover its contents.

The journal will direct you to a location close to the town’s historic lighthouse, where you must wait until midnight to see the appearance of the Weeping Lady. You’ll notice the Weeping Lady is enveloped by ethereal feelings when you first come upon her. She emits a depressing aura that attracts wild Pokémon, so you must engage them by engaging in combat nearby.

You must empathise with the Weeping Lady’s feelings in order to comprehend her. Pokémon of the Psychic and Ghost kinds should be fought since they are sensitive to her presence. To further solve the mystery, capture or overthrow them. Research the Weeping Lady’s past in the Canalave Library once more. You’ll learn historical lore and tales that will improve your communication with her.

How to Get, Feel, and Record the Weeping Lady:

At the appointed location near the Canalave City lighthouse, wait until midnight. The Weeping Lady is most likely to appear at this time. When the Weeping Lady emerges, proceed slowly and deliberately towards her. You may converse with her with the aid of Pokémon having skills like Telepathy.

To calm the Weeping Lady, use soft gestures and language. Avoid using harsh language or behaviours since these might make her vanish. Use a recording tool (like your Pokédex) to record the Weeping Lady’s voice and visual information while you are interacting with her. Researchers will benefit from these insightful revelations.


Put together a team of ponies that are kind and sympathetic. Sing, Sweet Kiss, and Heal Pulse-capable Pokémon can assist in soothing the Weeping Lady. You can pick up unique moves that can only be taught by the Pokémon of the Weeping Lady.

You could get valuable gifts from the Weeping Lady, including Ghost Gems or Psychic Orbs. Your encounters with the Weeping Lady will add to the history of Sinnoh’s legendary Pokémon and give important information for further studies.


The P Weeping Lady Quests provide a fascinating tour of the intriguing secrets and rich mythology of the Sinnoh area. Trainers can attempt to obtain, feel, record, and ultimately be awarded by the enigmatic Weeping Lady by following the instructions provided in this page. But keep in mind that the Weeping Lady is a delicate and ethereal person; thus, approach her with love and understanding to learn her secrets and discover Sinnoh’s beauties.

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