How To Use Wooden Helmet In PUBG Mobile

How To Use Wooden Helmet In PUBG Mobile: Battle royale video game PUBG Mobile was created by LightSpeed & Quantum Studio, a part of Tencent Games. It is PUBG: Battlegrounds’ mobile game adaption. On March 19, 2018, it was first made available for iOS and Android devices. In the realm of mobile gaming, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) Mobile has become a phenomenon, and its engaging gameplay keeps millions of gamers hooked every day.

Equipping your character with the greatest gear to improve their chances of survival is an important part of the game. While helmets are an essential component of any loadout, the Wooden Helmet is a special and sometimes overlooked piece of gear. We will look at how to use the Wooden Helmet in PUBG Mobile to its fullest potential in this guide.

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How To Use Wooden Helmet In PUBG Mobile
How To Use Wooden Helmet In PUBG Mobile

How To Use Wooden Helmet In PUBG Mobile:

Wooden Helmets have a shorter lifespan than other helmets, which offer protection until they are destroyed. They have a limited capacity for damage absorption. Wooden Helmets are easily found on the map and are made of wooden planks. They are simple to obtain and may be found in practically any structure. Wooden helmets offer the bare minimum in headshot defence, but they are far less protective than Level 1, 2, or 3 helmets.

They can lessen headshot damage, but they won’t completely neutralise it. In the early game, wooden helmets are more prevalent than higher-level helmets. They provide essential head protection when you initially arrive on the battlefield because other players might not have easy access to better helmets.

Consider the Wooden Helmet as a stopgap measure. It is helpful when you require instant protection but want to get a better helmet in the future. Watch for Level 1, 2, or 3 helmets to take its place. Be on the lookout for better helmets at all times. Upgrade as quickly as you can if you’re still wearing a Wooden Helmet. To improve your chances of getting a better helmet, go between buildings and treasure areas.

Damage Management:

Keep in mind that a wooden helmet won’t offer you the same amount of protection as a helmet of higher quality. Play more cautiously, abstain from taking needless chances, and concentrate on cover and location. The Wooden Helmet has the benefit of taking up little room in your inventory.

This increases your ability to carry additional grenades, medical supplies, or ammo, which improves your overall battle effectiveness. Share any wooden helmets you find with your comrades if they require head protection. Even while it’s not ideal, it’s preferable than not providing headwear for your squad mates.


Achieving success in the fast-paced environment of PUBG Mobile requires agility and resourcefulness. Even while it may not be the finest head protection on the market, the wooden helmet may be a useful tool, especially in the early going of a match. Your ability to succeed on the battlefield depends on your awareness of its limits and your ability to recognise when to swap it out for a better helmet. So, the next time you find yourself in PUBG Mobile with a Wooden Helmet, keep in mind to utilise it wisely, keep an eye out for better gear, and play shrewdly to get that chicken supper. Good luck to you all.

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