Albedo Fatal Bloom x Zhongli Meteor Collab Guide

Albedo Fatal Bloom x Zhongli Meteor: The well-known action role-playing game Genshin Impact by miHoYo has revolutionised the gaming industry with its breathtaking visuals, captivating setting, and wide range of characters. Albedo and Zhongli stand out among these characters not just for their special skills but also for their cooperation in battle. In this post, we’ll look at how Albedo’s Fatal Bloom and Zhongli’s Meteor abilities work together to highlight how this powerful combo may provide a stunning and deadly display of elemental mastery. Albedo is a 5-star Geo character that serves as the Chief Alchemist and Captain of the Investigation Team for the Knights of Favonius in Mondstadt.

Abiogenesis Solar Isotoma, one of his elemental skills, summons a fleeting flower that causes foes AoE Geo damage. The Solar Isotoma produces Fatal Blossoms that explode when foes inside its radius are damaged, causing extra damage. Albedo’s Solar Isotoma may work in harmony with Zhongli’s Meteor when it is appropriately positioned on the battlefield. It serves as a constant supply of Geo damage, delivering steady damage production while Zhongli’s skills are at their best.

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Albedo Fatal Bloom x Zhongli Meteor
Albedo Fatal Bloom x Zhongli Meteor

Albedo Fatal Bloom x Zhongli Meteor:

A popular 5-star Geo character known as the “Geo Daddy,” Zhongli is a polearm-wielding fan favourite. Dominus Lapidis, his elemental skill, summons a Stone Stele that delivers Geo damage to foes inside its Area of Effect. His elemental burst, Planet Befall, conjures up a gigantic meteor that descends, delivering a tonne of Geo damage and paralysing foes in its path. The Zhongli’s Meteor is a game-changer since it can crystallise the elements around it in addition to dealing damage. Albedo’s Solar Isotoma works wonders when paired with this interaction.

Albedo Fatal Bloom x Zhongli Meteor Placement:

Place Albedo’s Solar Isotoma first, preferably in the middle of a squad of adversaries. This creates a steady source of geophysical harm. Petrify opponents around the Solar Isotoma using Zhongli’s Dominus Lapidis. In addition to rendering enemies temporarily immobile, this also causes Crystallise responses. When a group of opponents is petrified, use Zhongli’s Planet Befall.

Because of Albedo’s Solar Isotoma, the meteor will cause severe Geo damage and cause more Crystallise reactions. Albedo’s Fatal Blossoms will begin to cause damage as soon as the meteor touches down, intensifying the destruction. This combo is very useful in domains, Abyss levels, and difficult confrontations since it may quickly wipe away waves of monsters.


In Genshin Impact, Albedo’s Fatal Bloom and Zhongli’s Meteor combine to create a powerful effect. When skillfully combined, they provide an amazing demonstration of elemental mastery that turns adversaries into stone and shatter them with the power of a falling star.

This dynamic pair displays the elegance and intricacy of the game’s fundamental interactions while still being aesthetically appealing and strong. Therefore, the next time you encounter a difficult obstacle in Teyvat, think about taking Albedo and Zhongli with you to experience the wonder of their united force.

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