Fae Farm Petal Bloom Festival Quest 2 All activities, items & more

Fae Farm Petal Bloom Festival Quest 2: The Fae Farm Petal Bloom Festival is a charming distraction in the fanciful world of League of Legends (LoL), where champions battle on the Fields of Justice. Players have fallen in love with this beautiful event thanks to its endearing aesthetics, alluring quests, and adorable petal flowers. In this post, we’ll go into the festival’s second objective, which is enthralling, and examine the benefits it provides as well as the wonderful world it reveals. The second task of the Petal Bloom Festival, “Fae Farm,” immerses players in an enchanted journey. The mission encourages summoners to travel to the mythical Fae Farm, a secret location full of colourful plants, cunning spirits, and intriguing mysteries.

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Fae Farm Petal Bloom Festival Quest 2
Fae Farm Petal Bloom Festival Quest 2

The Petal Bloom Festival Quest 2:

In order to begin this fascinating voyage, summoners must first go to the festival centre and speak with Tessa, the attractive fairy who is the quest’s provider. She will introduce them to the Fae Farm, a place abound in petal blossoms. Beautiful, sentient flowers with magical qualities are called petal blooms.

The cultivation of petal flowers is the main objective of the Fae Farm quest. To do this, you must do a number of chores at the Fae Farm. Players must explore the farm, sow seeds, care for the blooms, and keep evil spirits away from them. Players will discover the farm’s secrets and unravel its mysteries as the petal blossoms develop.

The Fae Farm is a gorgeous and magical setting that displays the artistic talent of the League of Legends design team. Its surroundings are like something out of a dream, with verdant meadows, glistening brooks, and mystical woodlands. Players can’t help but be charmed by the stunning scenery that is all around them.

Petal Bloom Festival activities in Fae Farm:

A few NPCs will be taking part in the celebrations after you enter the Petal Bloom Festival, and Merritt will have a unique festival shop. There don’t seem to be any activities specifically designed for the occasion, except from the distinctive dialogue you’ll hear from each person.

Instead, it is an opportunity to trade flowers for goods at Merritt’s stand. Of all, a wonderful trip wouldn’t be complete without some mayhem. “Bloom Bandits,” or naughty spirits, may regularly manifest to thwart your efforts. These ghosts are lovely yet cunning beings that delight in pulling practical jokes.

To save the fragile petal flowers, players must chase them away. Players that complete the Fae Farm quest will get a variety of goodies. These feature customised Fae Farm skins for their preferred champions as well as summoner icons and emotes with a petal bloom motif. Players will receive additional prizes if they grow more petal blossoms.

The Fae Farm Petal Bloom Festival’s emphasis on community involvement is one of its attractions. To complete the task, summoners might work together with friends or other players. Players work together to safeguard and care for the petal blossoms, which ups the enjoyment factor of the event.


The second installment of the Fae Farm Petal Bloom Festival Quest is a fascinating addition to the League of Legends universe. Players may enjoy a pleasant escape into an enchanted world that is full of wonder, mystery, and the excitement of adventure. Players will be rewarded with a wealth of in-game delights and priceless memories as they grow petal blossoms and discover the secrets of the Fae Farm. So gather your pals, enter the ethereal Fae Farm, and allow League of Legends’ power to whisk you away to a fantastical realm.

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