How to fix Starfield Audio Cutting Out Error Complete Guide

How to fix Starfield Audio Cutting Out Error: The much awaited space-themed role-playing game Starfield from Bethesda has officially launched, however some players have complained about the audio going out while they are playing.

This problem can ruin immersion and reduce how much fun playing the game is. Thankfully, there are a number of troubleshooting actions you can do to fix this issue and make sure you can completely immerse yourself in the enormous Starfield world. We’ll walk you through the process of resolving the Starfield audio cutting off fault in this post. On their PCs, a lot of Starfield users are experiencing audio cutting off Audio Bug Fixed in Starfield issues.

If you’re one of these unfortunate players, use the advice in this article to totally resolve your issue. High-end video game The Starfield needs strong hardware to run. As a consequence, many PCs could find it difficult to manage it smoothly, and you might run into different technical problems. They frequently have issues like Starfield’s poor FPS, stuttering, audio latency, Audio Bug Fixed in Starfield.

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How to fix Starfield Audio Cutting Out Error
How to fix Starfield Audio Cutting Out Error

How to fix Starfield Audio Cutting Out Error:

When using Windows, click the Start button, choose “Device Manager,” open the “Sound, video, and game controllers” section, choose your audio device, and then click “Update Driver.” Mac OS: To access “About This Mac,” choose the Apple logo, then select “System Report.” Locate “Extensions” under “Software” and check there for your audio drivers. Updates are often available for download from the manufacturer’s website.

To verify the integrity of game files on Steam, open Steam, browse to your library, right-click Starfield, choose “Properties,” pick the “Local Files” tab, and then click “Verify Integrity of Game Files.” Open the Bethesda Launcher, pick Starfield, and then click “Options.” Go to the “Game Options” section and select “Scan and Repair.”

Adjust In-Game Audio Settings:

Open Starfield, then navigate to the main menu. Then select “Settings” or “Options.” Go to the section for audio settings. As required, alter the sound channels, volume levels, and other audio-related settings. To check if the problem has been fixed, play the game. Close any background programmes and processes that are not essential.

Disable any screen recording or streaming programmes that could be active at the same time as Starfield since they can use up system resources and degrade audio quality. Audio issues in video games can also be caused by outdated operating systems. Install the most recent updates and fixes to keep Windows and macOS current,  using Windows “Settings” > “Update & Security” > “Windows Update” should be accessed. Click “Check for updates.”

Install any updates that are available by selecting the Apple logo > “System Preferences” > “Software Update” on macOS. To check your default audio device on Windows, right-click the volume icon in the system tray, choose “Open Sound settings,” and then double-check that it is configured properly. On macOS, pick the appropriate output device under “Sound” under “System Preferences” by clicking the Apple logo.


It is advised to get in touch with the game’s customer care or visit the official forums if none of the aforementioned fixes the audio cutting off issue in Starfield. To assist them in identifying and resolving the issue, provide them as much information as you can about your system and the difficulty you’re experiencing.

Starfield’s audio cutting-out problem can be annoying, but by following the correct troubleshooting procedures, you can resume exploring the expanse of space and delighting in the game’s immersive experience. You can fix the majority of audio problems and fully appreciate the enthralling universe of Starfield by upgrading drivers, checking game files, modifying settings, and making sure your system is up to date.

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