How To Level Pickpocket Fast In Starfield Tips and Tricks

How To Level Pickpocket Fast In Starfield: The art of pickpocketing may be a valuable ability to learn in the vast Starfield cosmos. Developing your pickpocketing skills is crucial if you want to make money by stealing things or relieve the burden of To Level Pickpocket Fast.

This manual will show you how to fast develop your pickpocketing skills amid the vastness of space. You must first learn the fundamentals in order to become a master pickpocket. Start by allocating points to the “Sneak” skill, which is necessary for effective pickpocketing. By levelling up in the game or during character creation, you can achieve this.

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How To Level Pickpocket Fast In Starfield
How To Level Pickpocket Fast In Starfield

A better Sneak skill improves your ability to steal from gullible prey while minimising detection. When it comes to pickpocketing, having the proper equipment might make all the difference. Select apparel and accessories that will improve your sneaking abilities or give you an advantage while pickpocketing. Look for goods that facilitate better stealth, higher pickpocketing success rates, or decreased risk of detection.

How To Level Pickpocket Fast In Starfield:

Stun foes and take from their pockets to level up pick pocketing as quickly as possible. You will need to locate an EM weapon, which can be purchased at some of the weapon stores, in order to do this. I’ve also seen them on abandoned space stations or with enemy.

Take a bounty task and go to the designated place once you have one of those weapons. When the adversaries are down, you can pickpocket them after using the weapon to knock them unconscious. You may either do this again or finish off the enemy. You’ll quickly reach the maximum if you keep employing stun weapons and complete reward assignments.

Always save your game before trying a pickpocket to avoid unfavourable outcomes. In this manner, you may reload and attempt again without incurring any penalties if you are discovered if the treasure you are seeking is not present. Making numerous save slots is a smart idea so you can have backups available.

When it comes to pickpocketing, not all NPCs are created equal. Some could be carrying priceless stuff, while others might not be. Look for NPCs with money or who own stuff you want. Pickpocketing NPCs with low detection abilities is also a smart option because they are less likely to catch you in the act.

Level Up Your Pickpocketing Perks:

Make investments in the Pickpocketing skill tree using perk points as you acquire experience and level. These advantages can raise your success rate in pickpocketing and create additional possibilities for steal. Use medicines and poisons that improve your pickpocketing skills to increase your chances of success. Potions of Fortify or Invisibility Poisons can be employed to weaken or incapacitate prospective threats, while pickpocketing can make you almost undetectable to your targets.

When trying a pickpocket, pay close attention to your surroundings. Ascertain that there are no close witnesses who could see you doing it. Be mindful of any security precautions or booby traps that may be set up to prevent theft. Being a skilled pickpocket requires practise, just like learning any other talent in Starfield. As your expertise develops, begin with low-risk objectives and eventually move up to more difficult benchmarks. You’ll get better the more you practise.


Pickpocketing may be lucrative and entertaining in the vast Starfield world. You may fast level up your pickpocketing abilities and make a fortune by heeding their recommendations and honing your techniques. Just keep in mind to exercise caution, save money often, and select your victims carefully as you set out on your quest to become a well-known pickpocket in the galaxy.

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