How to get Starfield Glitch Stealing Legendary Pistol Complete Guide!

Starfield Glitch Stealing Legendary Pistol: Here is the article about Starfield Glitch Stealing Legendary Pistol if you want to know more about this please read this article. Starfield, the much awaited space exploration role-playing game from Bethesda Game Studios, has captivated gamers with its breathtaking graphics, vast universe, and addictive gameplay.

For gamers, things haven’t always gone well. A strange and annoying problem has surfaced, creating quite a fuss in the Starfield neighbourhood. Concerns regarding fair gaming and the overall integrity of the game have been raised by this bug, which enables players to take legendary guns from other players.

The in issue Starfield Glitch entails a cunning hack that enables users to take legendary guns from other characters. Due to their special qualities and powers, legendary weapons are among the most sought-after items in the game and may significantly improve a player’s experience. While acquiring such things is normally a difficult and rewarding process, this issue poses a danger to the satisfaction that comes with doing so.

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Starfield Glitch Stealing Legendary Pistol
Starfield Glitch Stealing Legendary Pistol

Starfield Glitch Stealing Legendary Pistol:

No matter if they are on a planet’s surface, in a space station, or in a spacecraft, the bug needs two players to be in the same virtual place. The legendary handgun in Player A’s possession is a must. A transaction is started by Player B and Player A. Player B adds their handgun to the trade option during the exchange. In an act of trickery, Player A switches their famous gun for a regular one without Player B knowing.

Player B receives what they assume to be Player A’s fabled handgun when the deal is approved. Player A leaves the trade menu with Player B’s fabled handgun in tow. This error has had serious ramifications. When they discover that their arduously acquired legendary weapons have been taken right out from under them, several gamers have described feeling betrayed and angry. Some gamers have even completely ceased trading out of concern that they would become the target of this nefarious scheme.

Bethesda’s Response:

The problem has received a prompt response from Bethesda Game Studios. Who have acknowledged the glitch’s existence and pledged to fix it. They made the following official statement: “We are aware of the bug that lets users steal other players’ legendary firearms in Starfield. Our team is currently looking into the issue and developing a fix that will be include in a subsequent version.

We thank our loyal player base for their patience and apologise for any trouble this may have caused. The Starfield neighborhood’s reaction to the bug has been polarise. Players have urged for tougher sanctions, such as temporary or permanent game bans, for those who take advantage of it. Others have been more forgiving, claiming that the bug is only a result of the game’s open-world design and intricate trade system.


A highly rated game has been marre by the Starfield bug that lets players take legendary guns. Players should use caution while trading with others while Bethesda Game Studios is actively working on a remedy to prevent falling prey to this exploit. In the end, it serves as a reminder that even in the absence of physical boundaries. Fair play and integrity in the gaming industry should always be respect.

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