How to Get Husk of The Pit Destiny 2 Fastest & Easiest Way

How to Get Husk of The Pit Destiny 2: Experienced Guardians are constantly looking for potent weapons and equipment to improve their gameplay in the huge and constantly changing environment of Destiny 2.

The Husk of the Pit, an unusual and captivating auto rifle, is one such weapon that has captured the interest of many. This article will walk you through the procedures needed to get Destiny 2’s prized Husk of the Pit. Let’s spend a time getting to know the Husk of the Pit before we start the mission. When properly improved, this auto rifle has the unique ability to change into the more powerful Necrochasm weapon.

Numerous Guardians covet the terrifying necrochasm because of its unique advantages and prowess. In Destiny, obtaining the Husk of the Pit is the first step towards obtaining the Necrochasm, and while the procedure for doing so has altered considerably, so too has actually creating the Husk of the Pit.

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How to Get Husk of The Pit Destiny 2
How to Get Husk of The Pit Destiny 2

Early reviews indicate that players just need to follow a straightforward procedure to guarantee they are rewarded with the item in a manageable number of attempts and that the Husk of the Pit is now much simpler to get. That’s a significant adjustment, especially in light of the Necrochasm’s recent update to an even stronger unique perk. Continue reading to find out how to make sure your Guardian is taking part in the Cursed Thrall explosion extravaganza.

How to Get Husk of The Pit Destiny 2:

The Fist of Crota mission on Earth is where the quest to acquire the Husk of the Pit begins. The Director has a link to this mission under the Moon’s position. When you arrive at the mission’s first significant battle, go there to meet the Blade of Crota. If you defeat the Blade of Crota, you may acquire the Husk of the Pit as a drop. Remain patient because the drop rate may be relatively modest. Before the Husk of the Pit lowers for you, it may take a few tries.

Your next objective is to level up the Husk of the Pit once you have it. You must use the Husk of the Pit to eliminate Hive foes in order to do this. This applies to both common Hive foes and Majors, such as the Knights and Wizards that may be found participating in different activities and places around the Destiny 2 realm. The Husk of the Pit will level up as you keep killing Hive opponents with it, and it will also vary in appearance. Continue to grind and get experience until it is completely improved.

Obtaining the Necrochasm:

The Husk of the Pit’s improved counterpart, the Necrochasm, may now be obtained at its final stage. You must get the Crux of Crota, a rare item that is dropped by killing the raid boss Crota in the Crota’s End raid, in order to finish this phase. The Dark Below, the first Destiny expansion, included this raid. To confront Crota, gather a fireteam of Guardians and journey inside the Moon’s Hellmouth.

There’s a possibility that the Crux of Crota will appear as treasure once you’ve defeated him. The transformation of your Husk of the Pit into the potent Necrochasm depends on this item. Once you have the Crux of Crota, head back to the Tower and speak with the Gunsmith. Here, you may complete your quest to acquire this distinctive and powerful auto weapon by upgrading your Husk of the Pit into the Necrochasm.


The Husk of the Pit and the Necrochasm, an improved version of it, provide Guardians access to a one-of-a-kind weapon with special benefits and capabilities. While getting there can require persistence and commitment, the payoff is well worth the work. So assemble your fireteam, take on Crota’s End’s challenges, and seize control of the Necrochasm. I hope it helps you in your journeys around the Destiny 2 realm.

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