How to Get Crota Cheese in Destiny 2

Crota Cheese Destiny 2: The famous first-person shooter Destiny 2 has long been renowned for its difficult boss fights and raids. “Crota’s End,” which was first included in the first Destiny and then updated for Destiny 2, is one such notable raid.

Despite the raid’s emphasis on collaboration, communication, and fighting prowess, some players have resorted to dubious strategies known as “Crota cheese” to make the fight much simpler. We shall explore the definition of Crota cheese, its background, and the controversy surrounding its use in the Destiny 2 community in this post.

Crota cheese is a term use to describe a collection of tactics and exploits that players employ to simplify or get around difficult mechanics in the Crota’s End raid. Fireteams may successfully take down Crota, the raid’s last boss, using these strategies, frequently making the battle much easier than it was meant to be. In gaming, the phrase “cheese” often refers to techniques or short cuts that take advantage of unexpected flaws in a game’s design.

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Crota Cheese Destiny 2
Crota Cheese Destiny 2

Crota Cheese Destiny 2:

The Crota cheese phenomenon may be attribute to players’ discoveries of ways to go around the raid’s intend features in the original Crota’s End raid from the first Destiny game. Early Crota cheese tactics included influencing Crota’s mobility and aggressiveness to make him remain stationary and make it simpler for players to score critical strikes. Another cheese strategy required killing Crota at a precise moment while avoiding his minions.

Players applied same “cheese” tactics to the redesigned raid in Crota’s End for Destiny 2, using the raid’s layout to make it less difficult. These strategies frequently entail precise loadouts, placement, and timing that enable players to eliminate Crota without having to deal with the raid’s intended dynamics, such the Swordbearer and the requirement to successfully coordinate fireteam activities.

Weapon and build recommendations for Crota’s End:

In numerous areas of Crota’s End, an enemy-heavy raid, players will be force to fight formidable foes head-to-head. Any build and playstyle will work as usual, but if you’re going for a clear, these are the tools you should employ. Divinity, Gjallarhorn, Tractor Cannon, and even Outbreak Perfect must always be kept in your back pocket while entering a raid.

These are without a doubt some of the most practical weapons in Destiny 2, even though you might not use them. Bring a shotgun as well because there will be a lot of Hive Knights so you can take them down swiftly. If possible, use a weapon with slug rounds (Heritage, Nessa’s Oblation), One-Two Punch (Wastelander M5), or Trench Barrel (Basso Ostinato) if you want to deal a lot of damage.

Also possible are long-range battles, particularly on the bridge segment or while assaulting Wizards during the Ir Yut battle. The Supremacy and Succession sniper rifles are popular right now and are both simple to get. Finish off with whatever large addition-clearing weaponry you have with you. One of the greatest grenade launchers in the game, Forbearance’s Thunderlord rips through enemy groupings.

The Debate Surrounding Crota Cheese:

The introduction of Crota cheese has caused a contentious discussion among Destiny 2 players. On the one hand, some players contend that it’s a valid strategy to support them in getting through a difficult raid encounter. They assert that the cheese makes it easier for them to advance and gather important treasure because Destiny 2 raids can be quite time-consuming and irritating.

However, a lot of gamers feel that Crota cheese compromises the authenticity of the raiding experience. Raids are intend to be difficult endgame content that promotes cooperation, communication, and skill improvement. Players that employ cheese techniques miss out on the chance to understand and master the game’s mechanics. Additionally.


Within the game industry, there is debate concerning the Crota cheese strategy in Destiny 2. While some players see it as a means of more quickly overcoming difficult content, others think it takes away from the intended raid experience. In the end, it is up to you whether or not to use Crota cheese. The effect on other players’ experiences and the general enjoyment of the game must be taken into account. In order to balance hard content with accessibility for all players, Bungie continues to monitor and address cheese techniques in Destiny 2.

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