How to Fix Sea of Stars Ultrawide Easy Method!

How to Fix Sea of Stars Ultrawide Easy Method!: Role-playing video game Sea of Stars has a devoted following and is graphically gorgeous and much anticipated.

It does, however, have a fair amount of problems, especially when playing it on ultrawide resolutions, like many other games. The game’s inability to properly support ultrawide monitors has caused many gamers to see stretched or distorted pictures. In this post, we’ll look at a quick workaround for the Sea of Stars ultrawide problem so you can play it in all its widescreen splendour.

Understanding the issue is crucial before moving on to the solution. Because they offer a broader field of vision and more immersive gaming experience, ultrawide displays are growing in popularity. However, not all games are designed to work at these unusual resolutions, which might result in stretched or warped images.

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How to Fix Sea of Stars Ultrawide Easy Method!
How to Fix Sea of Stars Ultrawide Easy Method!

The same applies to Sea of Stars. The game may show inaccurately while being played on an ultrawide monitor, making characters and objects seem stretched and degrading the overall gaming experience. To remedy this issue, fortunately, there is a simple solution.

How to Fix Sea of Stars Ultrawide Easy Method!

On your PC, start by launching Sea of Stars. Navigate to the graphics settings section after entering the game. This is often located in the options or settings menu of the game. Look for choices for display settings and resolution. Select the ultrawide resolution you like in the graphics options.

If you have a 21:9 ultrawide display, for instance, choose a resolution like 2560×1080 or 3440×1440, depending on the capabilities of your monitor. Apply the adjustments after deciding on the desired resolution. Now, without stretching or distorting the images, the game ought to adapt to your ultrawide resolution.

To avoid additional stretching or distortion, make sure the aspect ratio setting is on “Auto” or “Maintain”. The visual settings for the game frequently have this setting. If the modifications don’t appear to be taking effect, restart Sea of Stars. You should be able to play the game on your selected ultrawide resolution after it reloads. Depending on the capabilities of your PC, you may customise other visual options such as texture quality, anti-aliasing, and shadows to further enhance your gaming experience.


The immersive experience of playing Sea of Stars on ultrawide can significantly increase your pleasure of the game. While the original absence of adequate support for ultrawide monitors may have been discouraging, this simple technique should let you fix the problem and completely enjoy the game as intended. Sea of Stars will look its best on your ultrawide display if you modify the resolution and aspect ratio settings in the game’s graphical options. Now, plunge into Sea of Stars’ intriguing universe and set out on a grand adventure while enjoying breathtaking sights on your ultrawide display!

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