CIV 6 Best Leaders For Each Victory Guide

CIV 6 Best Leaders For Each Victory: The well-known turn-based strategy game Sid Meier’s Civilization VI gives players a wide selection of leaders to lead their civilizations to success.

Each leader has special skills and traits that may have a big influence on the strategy they choose. There are many ways to win, whether it’s via military might, cultural domination, scientific advancement, religious fervour, or diplomatic skill. In this essay, we’ll examine the ideal commanders for each Civilization VI victory type.

Genghis Khan of Mongolia is an obvious choice if your objective is to use military conquest to colour the world in the image of your civilisation. When facing civilizations in a Golden Age, his particular power, “Mongol Horde,” grants additional combat strength, which can swing fights in your favour at vital periods.

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CIV 6 Best Leaders For Each Victory
CIV 6 Best Leaders For Each Victory

The Keshig, a mounted ranged unit that can strike and then flee, is a special troop to Mongolia that enables hit-and-run strategies. This works in perfect harmony with Genghis Khan’s advantages, making him a strong commander for hegemonic wins.

CIV 6 Best Leaders For Each Victory:

Eleanor of Aquitaine is an enthralling option for people who wish to change the world via art, writing, and influence. She possesses the “Court of Love” skill and may head either England or France. When a great work is created, this capacity puts a lot of pressure on the cities of other civilizations, driving them towards a cultural collapse.

Eleanor is a great choice for cultural wins since she can project an air of creative skill that undermines the cultural defences of competing civilizations. Korea’s Seondeok stands out as a particularly strong leader among competitors vying for scientific dominance. As part of Korea’s special talent known as “Three Kingdoms,” mines and farms close to a Seowon (a distinctive neighbourhood) receive additional science.

Based on the geographical characteristic that the Seowon is constructed upon, it offers research, giving it an unmatched scientific advantage. Korea may increase the cultural and scientific production of a campus-near theatre square with the “Hwarang” special unit, further establishing Seondeok’s status as a top-tier leader for scientific triumphs.

Peter the Great:

Achieving religious dominance requires a leader who can both spread their faith far and wide while maintaining the strength of their religious infrastructure. Peter the Great of Russia fits this role perfectly. Russia’s “The Grand Embassy” ability grants extra faith and extra territory upon founding a city, which can be crucial for rapid religious expansion. Additionally, Russia’s unique district, the Lavra, offers great prophet points and faith bonuses. With these tools, Peter the Great can quickly spread his faith and establish religious control, propelling him toward a religious victory.


In Civilization VI, winning diplomatic battles entails forming alliances, gaining diplomatic favour, and deftly manoeuvring the World Congress. With her special talent, “Radio Oranje,” which increases diplomatic exposure while trading with civilizations to whom you have a trade route, Wilhelmina of the Netherlands excels in this field. Stronger alliances and increased diplomatic influence may result from this. The “Grote Rivieren” ability also increases the adjacency benefits for industrial areas, theatre squares, and colleges that are close to rivers, increasing resource production and supporting diplomatic endeavours.


The individual qualities of each leader in Civilization VI define the path to triumph. There is a leader for your preferred playstyle, whether you choose to capture cities, disseminate culture, advance research, win over believers, or use diplomacy. You may increase your chances of winning and writing your civilization’s name into history by picking the ideal leader for the course you’ve selected. Prepare your plan, guide your team, and pave the way to victory!

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